Five Crazy Rubik’s Cube Videos


Who here still likes Rubik’s Cube?  I still like it and I’m amazed how prevalent it still is in the world.    Think about it.  Considering we live in a society of A.D.D. and people only being interested in things for nanoseconds that the Rubik’s Cube has stuck around since it’s inception in 1974 is pretty impressive.

I compare it to the likes of something like Tetris.  And like Tetris, the ways in which people are messing with the Cube have evolved over the years.

I’ve found five videos that will both impress and shock you when it comes to the Rubik’s Cube.

What the hell is with this girl?

Reciting Pi, 15 books over her head, and doing Rubix?  She’s definitely a virgin.

3 Yr Old Solves it in 114 seconds

Man do I feel like a moron

The Rubik’s Cube Rap

Yes, this video has 1.2MM hits and counting.  What the hell is wrong with the internet?

Robot Shows How to Solve the Cube

Robots scare the shit out of me.

The Official World Record

Insane.  7.08 seconds.  WOW.

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