Would You Eat the Yoda Pancake?

I’m pretty sure that if someone put this pancake in front of me I might make the exact same face as this little baby.   I mean how the hell do you react to a Yoda pancake when you’ve clearly never seen Star Wars?  What was this mother even thinking?

All kidding aside I think it’s awesome that you can make pancakes into funny little shapes and sizes.  Why don’t we do that as adults?  I think it would make the whole eating experience fun.  Well that of course is unless the shapes were a little weird.

Would you eat any of these pancakes?

Halloween Pancake

Cat Pancake

Fish Pancake

Van Gogh Pancake

Jack Bauer Pancake

Leggo My Eggo!

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  1. The fish one is actually not a pancake but, Japanese “taiyaki” which is filled with sweet red beans (anko). I love the overall blog and entries. Thank you.

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