A Gallery of Recreated Rapture Posters

I recently went to Gamestop to buy the original Bioshock for my younger cousin who hadn’t played it yet. When it was $10, I was curious how much the sequel was, as I hadn’t played that chapter myself yet. It was $8. The guy at the counter couldn’t even believe it, nor the store’s token hot girl who then proceeded to ask me if I’d preordered Bioshock Infinite. I bought two copies of the second game, one for me and my cousin, but is it really that bad where it already costs LESS than the original used to?

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, this is an awesome series of posters I found via Geekologie by talented digital artist Stefan Petit. He went around hunting down all the posters that appeared in the game, and recreated all of them in Photoshop and Illustrator. I think he may have even added a few extras.

He did a TON of these, and I think the grand total I’m featuring is over forty. There’s some wicked rad stuff here, and if he wouldn’t get sued by 2K, I’d say he should sell them as I’d like a few for decoration. Check out the gallery below:

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  1. I dont get it too, i bought the two games very cheap in one day that the second was lower than the other week that on fire sale. Didnt played the second yet but i dont believe its too bad, cant be

  2. I actually liked Bioshock 2. Its more of the same, but the gameplay mechanics are better. The weapons are cooler (heated bolt gun, trap bolts). The story isnt as cool, but overall its a solid game.

    The only downside is th “set up defences, defend against a horde of splicers” can get a little old.

  3. These posters aren’t all new, some are from the game just cleaned up. The audio vox one is the same exact thing as the ones you would see in the game. Very little original content

  4. @Person

    Yeah, he said the artist recreated them from the game, so basically he made them nice and for us to look at not in the game.

    I really do like them and if the artist was making prints and I had the money I’d buy all of them. I just love the look of 40’s/50’s style posters

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