The Full Left 4 Dead Fan Film is Not What You’d Expect


I believe last week  I shared a short teaser of an upcoming Left 4 Dead fan film. Today, the full nine minute short has been released, and you can see it above.

It starts out deadly serious and moody, but as it progresses, it’s not what you’d expect. I think they might have been better off playing it straight, as the mood they set at the beginning is pretty spot-on for the series, but when it takes its turn? I’m not so sure.

See for yourself above. After about the fifth cameo, I started getting into it.

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  1. ***Spoiler Alert*** I really thought it was going to be a little more serious action short. It wasa good start and I was trying to get more into it until the first cameo by MC and then I was like “Eh?’ Not until I heard “Get over here” and saw……… well you gotta see for yourself. I gets a bit dull for a few seconds. but it’s actually…. I’m still kind of undecided bout this one. Unless your a fanboy/girl of games you may no get it.

  2. Oh WOW. It had SO much going for it, up until that 6 minute mark…
    I don’t think all those cameos ruined it, but it would’ve been much better if they played it straight.

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