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Do you love racing games? If yes, you must be a fan of the Need for Speed series. The franchise has been around since 1994 and has been home to some of the best racing games ever made. All those hours spent playing have given us a pretty good idea of which titles rank as the best in each installment of the NFS series. This post will be ranking all the Need for Speed games, giving you an accurate judgment on where they all stand. Included is a short description of the game so you can understand why we gave it that score. Let’s get started!

20 . Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed (PS1)

For those of you who were old enough to play video games in 2000, you probably remember what a big deal Porsche was at the time. It was the first year that Porsche was featured in a video game, and naturally, it wasn’t a bad game. It received positive reviews from critics and could have been considered a moderate success for EA. However, it wasn’t enough to make this game worth buying for newcomers to the series or even fans of the Porsche brand. Moreover, by only featuring the Porsche brand, the game didn’t give the players much variety in terms of cars and tracks. But, it’s not all bad, as some of the Porsche models featured in this game are truly amazing.

19 . Need For Speed

The original NFS game was a product of Electronic Arts in 1994 for the 3DO and was later ported for the Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and MS-DOS. This game pro in 2003 on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo consoles is a racing game that takes place in San Francisco, California. It was strictly a racing game with no Police chases, no car tuning, and not even any car customization. All you do is race against other drivers and beat them by crossing the finish line first.

18. Need for Speed: Nitro

Need for Speed Nitro is a racing video game released in 2003 for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo consoles. Like the original Need for Speed game, this strictly racing game takes place in San Francisco, California. It features no Police chases, neither car tuning nor car customization. To win this game, you got to race against other players and ensure you take the lead. Although the game concept was exciting at the development time, no unique add-ons were included to blow players away. The AI was easy to conquer, and the game didn’t provide challenges that would compel players to stick to the game longer. Electronic Arts published the game after its development by EA Tiburon.

17 . Need for Speed: High Stakes

Released in 1999 and developed by EA Black Box, this racing video game is the 5th installment of the game series Need for Speed. It has racing tracks set in North America and Europe. Like some other games, there are various car customization options available. Also, there’s a variety of racing tracks to take part in. However, it has a weak storyline. Not much to do besides picking from numerous races and customizing your car.

16. Need For Speed: V-Rally 2

It is a racing game franchise where you can see the top players in race tracks and challenge them by beating their best times. It comes with 26 different cars and 80 tracks, all from the 1999 World Rally Championship season. Like its predecessor, V-Rally 2 has various manufacturers’ most realistic-looking cars. However, it lacks customization features, and the storylines are not very interesting. It also misses the tracks from earlier versions of the series, making it outdated. Despite its horrible controls and lack of variety, it is still an exciting game. There are challenging races to participate in, which makes it an excellent alternative to playing NFS if you’re looking for something different. The Windows version of the game came out in September 2000.

15. Need For Speed: The Run

The Run came into the market in 2011. This game is a lot like the previous games in that it consists of racing and police chases where the main objective is to escape law enforcement while evading dangerous missions. Its graphics are unique, and so is its gameplay. However, there weren’t any races that stood out from the rest, making it uninteresting to play for extended periods. The main challenge in this game is escaping the police and the mob while evading challenging missions and collecting parts along the way. Although this game was very well-made, it has a very poor promotion. So, many players didn’t know about it, resulting in low sales. However, those who got hold of the game expressed a lack of variety in cars and racing tracks compared to other game models.

14. Need for Speed: Heat

This Heat racing game featuring an open-world environment is a 2019 release for Windows, PS4, and X-box. The game enjoys police chases and car customization. It is the 24th installment of the NFS game series. It also features a story mode that is somewhat similar to the previous releases in the franchise. However, its role-playing elements and different gameplay styles make the game enjoyable. A Player can participate in races with their customized cars and choose from numerous difficulty levels for each race. This game is the first to develop a story centered around the player’s actions. The graphics, however, aren’t very advanced but leave much to be desired. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of variety in terms of cars and tracks either.

13. Need For Speed II

Here is another game, ‘Need for Speed II,’ where you can play over a city that consists of 21 tracks on different surfaces. The game’s main objective is to participate in police chases and races, just like its predecessor. Released in 1997, this was a creation by Electronic Arts, and they emphasized realism when designing the game. That makes the gameplay more attractive than its predecessor, NFS I. Need for Speed II has numerous car customization options, including body kits and spoilers. It’s an excellent racing game with various challenging races, several different cars, and an exciting storyline.

12. Need For Speed: ProStreet

In 2007 EA Black Box came up with the 11th installment of the Need for Speed series, ProStreet, and designed for consoles. The game has a storyline much like the previous ones, but it’s different in that it promotes legal racing in closed circuits. The graphics are incredible, and the cars are very realistic. However, there isn’t enough variety in terms of tracks and cars compared to older franchise models. Although this game was very well-made, it has a weak storyline lacking variety and emotion. Additionally, the game lacks racing missions, making it dull and repetitive to play.

11. Need For Speed: Rivals

Released in 2013 is the ‘Rivals,’ a racing video game that comes with a multiplayer mode. It is one of the newest games in the series. There are numerous cars that you can drive in this game, and there are also different racing tracks to take part in. The game was very well-made and has an exciting storyline, but it lacks tracks and cars compared to previous releases of the franchise. Additionally, there aren’t any new additions to this series that make it stand out significantly. Gamers interested in this game can drive as either a cop or a racer making the game even more enjoyable.

10. Need For Speed: Undercover

NFS Undercover came about in 2008. It is the twelfth installment in the NFS series. It has a storyline centered around an undercover character investigating a criminal syndicate that steals cars. There are various vehicles to drive in this game, and it has a variety of races to choose from. You can participate in both police chases and races. This game is an unexpected addition to the franchise involving more action than its previous releases. What makes it stand out is its exciting storyline and role-playing element.

9. Need For Speed: Carbon

This fourth installment in the NFS series is a 2006 release for Wii and PS2. It was engineered by EA Black Box, who focused on bringing a realistic racing game to consoles. This game focuses more on police chases than previous models of the franchise. The graphics are also very real-looking and well-detailed. Although this game was very well-made, it lacks customization options and a large selection of cars and tracks. Additionally, there aren’t any new additions to the series that make it stand out significantly.

8. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Having one of the highest Metacritic ratings is this game, the seventh installment in the NFS series. Its main objective is to be realistic and incorporate police chases as engineered by EA Black Box. There are many cars to drive in this game and a large selection of tracks to choose from. There are also various enhancements for this game’s customization purposes, such as body kits, spoilers, paint jobs, and raised suspensions. If you are looking to play a racing game where you can participate in realistic police chases, this is the perfect game for you.

7. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

In 2005, EA Black Box released NFS Most Wanted for PS2, Xbox, and PC installment. This series was the first open-world racing video game to focus on illegal street racing. It comes with many different cars to drive, with unique customization options. You can also participate in several races and police chases. Most wanted has notably increased its depth in police chases, making the game more interesting than previous franchise models. The storyline in this game is also more engaging. You get to participate in various crimes, each with its unique mission, making the game even more realistic.

6. Need For Speed: Underground

This seventh installation of the series has one of the best gameplays out there. It was engineered by EA Black Box, who designed it for Windows, Android, and Game Boy Advance console. It is the first game to feature a career mode, where a gamer can take part as a cop and a racer. EA added many new customization options to this game, and there are also many different cars to drive in. The gameplay features a circuit, knockout mode, sprint, and drifting. The game is still relevant today. It introduces various new and exciting ideas lacking in previous franchise models. It also allows gamers to participate in multiple races, which they find more captivating.

5. Need For Speed (2015)

This most recent edition of the franchise was released in 2015 by Ghost Games. It introduces players to the underground world of racing. It has some of the most advanced graphics ever seen in a video game. It is the first installment of the series to be released on eighth-generation consoles exclusively. The storyline is different from all previous games in the NFS series because it involves characters that want to receive recognition as racers. You can also drive night or day and change weather conditions, making it more realistic. There are many vehicles and customization options available in this game and a variety of races to participate in.

4. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

The second edition of Most wanted comes after an extended 7-year wait after its release on PSP. Need For Speed Most wanted was among the best racing games released in 2012. It copied most of the features on the earlier version but still integrated new additions such as a new fleet of cars and more gameplay. However, the game also received criticism for being repetitive and over-rated.

3. Need For Speed: Shift

NFS Shift is the thirteenth installment of Slight Mad Studios. It became an instant hit among gamers because of its unique gameplay compared to all other racing games available. The game is for the hardcore gamer. Shift received high positive reviews because of its extensive features, a wide variety of cars you can drive, and exceptional soundtracks, which users have nothing but praise. Unfortunately, the game will no longer be available in online stores.

2. Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed

Here comes the sequel to 2009’s Shift. Some gamers consider it the best racing game of all time. The racing intensity and exhilaration of Shift 2 are unlike in any other game. Shift 2 redefines racing simulation with more realistic crash physics by real-like-looking cars. If you are looking for thrilling, engaging, and real-life racing, this is the perfect game for you. Shift 2 Unleashed it’s one of the liked NFS racing games released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. It has been reviewed favorably by both critics and players.

1. Need for Speed: Underground 2

Released in 2004, this installment of the NFS series is also one of the most popular racing games ever made. It was created by EA Black Box and marketed by the Electronic Arts category; racing simulation platforms, PlayStation 2, X-box, Windows, and GameCube. Underground 2 continues the storyline of the original sequel but with better features, more cars, and a new method of choosing races. You can explore a massive city, play online, customize your ride and choose from various races to participate in this game. If shopping for the best racing game ever made, you can’t go wrong with Need For Speed: Underground 2.

Summing Up

There are many games in the NFS series, but all have speed in common. To get the best racing experience, you have to choose a game that is both realistic and exciting. Ever since the first game’s release of the franchise, NFS has strived to improve the racing sequel with every other release. It is not surprising why this franchise has lasted so long, considering it attracts gamers every year with its captivating storylines, thrilling races, and realistic soundtracks. All games in this series have received favorable reviews from critics and users because they are engaging, fast-paced, and practical.

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