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My Five Most Embarrassing Media Confessions

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to be writing this post, as it might destroy what little credibility I have as an entertainment writer. But you know, I’m only human and I think all of us have our guilty pleasures or things we’re not proud of when it comes to our media choices

These five things cover all manner of entertainment sins, as I know I’m supposed to be an elite snob as an entertainment writer and critic, but I really hate reading articles from professional “journalists” who pretend that everything is beneath them.

And it’s not just about liking the unpopular, as it’s the impact these things had on my life, for better or worse. I’ll probably write a sequel to this post with even more at some point, but here are five for now. Feel free to confess your own secrets at the end of this post, though you guys get to hide behind pseudonyms unlike me.

1. One of my favorite movies of all time is The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Come at me bro.

Everyone has their “bad” movies that they enjoy despite everyone’s objections, and I have to admit that Tokyo Drift is mine. I love the series in general, and I can quote the entirety of the first movie. I wasn’t a big fan of the second one as it was stupid without being funny about it, and the fourth one tried too hard to be a straight up action flick, with nary a quotable line to be heard.

To me, Tokyo Drift is a perfect blend of everything this series should be, despite the fact it’s the only installment that doesn’t feature any of the main cast members from the other movies. It’s just so perfect in its absurdity, I’ve seen it a dozen times and wouldn’t change a thing.

What do I mean? Take the intro to the film. A blue collar redneck kid is challenged to a race by a rich jock (played by Home Improvement‘s Zachary Ty Bryan nonetheless) driving his daddy’s Viper. The prize? His girlfriend. I’m serious. The two barrel through a subdivision under construction while Kid Rock’s “Bawitadaba” plays in the background. The race ends in a fiery crash that should have killed everyone, but they walk away with cuts and bruises.

The whole movie is like that. It’s just pure cheese from start to finish, but for what it is, and what it’s supposed to be, Tokyo Drift is an incredibly well-executed film. To me at least.

2. I lost essentially three months of my life to Diablo II addiction, and have been literally scared of MMOs ever since

This was so not worth 500 hours.

This is a far less amusing confession. During my sophomore year of college, I discovered Diablo II and all its grinding, looting and leveling glory. I used to be a big Starcraft player, so I knew Blizzard titles were good, but I was new to this genre.

Unfortunately, games like this prey on my OCD tendencies that cause me to want to be the best, even if it means grinding for endless amounts of hours if there’s a .00001% chance the boss will drop the item I want.

I spent maybe eight hours a day playing this in my dorm, shirking social and academic responsibilities in order to acquire meaningless crap that would give me the ability to acquire more meaningless crap faster. Surprisingly, my soul was actually saved by the intervention of a cheater in the game.

I had spent WEEKS seeking a very specific rune that was the final piece in a build I was trying to create. I had traded and traded and finally had it. But when I left the trade and checked my inventory, it was gone. It was a dupe rune, a bit of code forged by hackers that disappeared after you traded it, and now I was left with nothing.

In a rage, I created a game called “quitting” where I stripped off all my high level armor and weapons that had taken me months to acquire, hurled them on the ground for low level players to collect, and went on a tirade about how this game will ruin your life as they thanked my profusely.

I’ve never played another MMO-type game since. I’ve purposefully stayed away from World of Warcraft as I’ve heard tales of its ability to destroy the lives of people with more self control than I, and I dread the release of titles like The Old Republic and Diablo III, because I’m just not sure if I can resist getting sucked in.

3. Despite my gender and sexual orientation, I’m a huge fan of Project Runway

I also own a Michael Kors watch.

This is something I’m really not actually ashamed to admit, but I do get funny looks for saying it. I’ve seen every season of the Bravo-turned-Lifetime show Project Runway, and I stand by the fact that I think it’s one of the best reality shows on TV today.

Why? It’s one of the only shows on TV that really showcases creative potential in a form you can actually consume.  I’ve never understood the appeal of cooking shows, as the most important senses to the profession, taste and smell, are completely absent from the experience.

Not so with Project Runway. All you need to judge the designs showcase is your eyes, and despite no knowledge of fashion, and no desire to ever make clothes myself, I have been fascinated to see each and every year what the new batch of creative contestants come up with in an incredibly short span of time.

I’ve had many skeptical roommates and guy friends be converted, as after the initial “You know how I know you’re gay” jokes, they sit down and watch, and by the runway show, they’re commenting on what’s tacky and what’s overworked. Success.

4. I’m currently a quarter of the way through watching all 10 seasons of Smallville

And she’s what keeps me going.

I usually pride myself in having exceptional taste in television. My favorite shows include Arrested Development, The Wire, Deadwood, Lost, Dexter, Freaks and Geeks, Firefly and more. But there’s something about Smallville I just can’t seem to shake.

In its early days, the show was rather brilliant. The early years of Superman was a fine idea for a show, and it didn’t hurt that it premiered about a month after 9/11 where we all needed a hero.

But soon the show struggled after people gaining meteor rock X-Men-like abilities got old after awhile, and things started to feel stale.

I managed to get to about season five or six before I really gave up. Lex and Lana were leaving the show, and every other episodes was full of BS DC universe cameos and I’ve been told even the Wonder Twins showed up at one point.

Years later however, I couldn’t shake the fact that I did used to love this show back in high school, and now with it promising its tenth season would be its last, I felt like I had to restart from the beginning, and ride this thing through until the end.

I usually watch shows all at once after they’ve aired, which is how I got through all the other titles I mentioned. Sometimes it’s exhausting, like when you have to watch six seasons of a show like The Sopranos or Oz, or sometimes it’s a breeze, like knocking out season one of Archer in a day.

Smallville will most definitely be my greatest challenge to get through, but I’m bound and determined to do so.

And now, my darkest secret…

5. I’ve seen every single episode of Jersey Shore

No excuse for this one.

This is something that only a few select people know, as it’s a fact I never really wanted broadcasted for obvious reasons. But somehow, someway, I’ve seen every episode of this show which I’ve publically referred to as being everything that’s wrong with society today.

Each and every week it’s like watching a train collide with a jet engine. It’s so spectacularly disastrous you just can’t look away. The problems are always the same. Someone’s talking shit. Someone’s flirting with another girl at the bar. There are zero skanks in your hot tub. But even though the show by definition can never evolve, it’s just captivating to watch this little microcosm of society function.

It’s like you’re watching one of those nature shows that used to air on The Discovery Channel before they switched all their programming to aliens and ghosts. These people live in their own little society where the concepts of male and female are exaggerated to such extremes, they barely seem like human beings. The guys are all massively jacked and speak using as few syllables as possible. The girls look like blow up dolls spray painted orange and dipped in a vat of alcohol until their speech is rendered incoherent. Insane, but often amusing to behold

You can sit back and diagnose major psychological and personality disorders with every member of the house, but you have to admit that they’re geniuses in a way that they’ve leveraged million dollar paychecks with no discernible skills. Why has Jersey Shore not been recast with different guidos every year like what happened with the Real World? Because the cast has leveraged themselves into a brand getting book deals and product endorsements, and that’s something you can’t readily replace without upsetting the surprising amount of fans they’ve amassed..

That’s not justification, as I freely admit this show has no redeeming qualities to it, but I just find the whole phenomenon fascinating to behold, and I want to see how long it can last.

Alright, now it’s your turn to spill a few secrets.

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  1. Some things you just have to take with you to your grave. This list, would be one of those things. It literally made me ill reading it. Where’s Joe Bornstien?

  2. I’m not going to tell you any of my secrets, though that was interesting to read. Not as embarrasing as you probably think it is though.

    Oh, fine: I haven’t watched more than 5 minutes of any Star Wars film before.

  3. A couple quick ones: I love the TV show las vegas, I own every michael bay movie and watch them frequently, I really like the movie 17 again.
    As for your list paul, there’s nothing to be ashamed of your love of tokyo drift, it’s an awesome movie.

  4. Everybody loves confession time:
    1) I love trashy tv. If i get the remote and no one is at home you can bet money that I will be watching Kardashians or Housewives, as well as the terrible, terrible jerseylicious. oh, and don’t forget about wife swap and virtually everything on TLC.
    2) I own David Blaine’s autobiography. There was a year phase in my life where I wanted to be a magician. While that didn’t last, I did learn how every major magician does their big tricks like levitation or reviving dead flies or whatever. Hint: It’s very, very good showmanship
    3) It pains me to admit it, but one of my favorite books is Gone with the wind. I don’t tell anyone this, as most of the time they rant about how terrible the movie is or whatever. The book though? Actuall good stuff.

    (Also, I’ve read every one of the twilight books. Cut me some slack though, they came out when I was like 12. I was the target audience. I loved Jacob the best)

  5. 1. Rocky 4 is my favorite movie of all time. I must’ve watched it over a thousand times in my life (I’m 26), and still watch it at least a few times a year, usually when it’s on cable. I’m actually a compulsive channel surfer, and will not watch tv unless I’m watching at least 6 programs at once. However, if Rocky 4 is on, you can bet that remote isn’t getting touched unless I’m turning up the volume when the training montages start.

    2. I’ve spent countless hours working on my own personal fan edit of Superman 2. For a certain number of weeks, I actually spent 17 hour days working on this thing. My elbow hurt from being pressed against my armrest, my earlobes got scabs from having my headphones on (as I felt I could hear the sounds better this way), and I did not exercise at all. I would literally sit in this chair all day and almost all night, only getting up to eat, piss, and occasionally, bathe. The best part? This was over a year ago AND I’M STILL NOT DONE!! Now I’ve begun working with aftereffects, and am currently learning how to rotoscope. I’m gonna use shots from Superman 3 and incorporate them into 2 in order to rebate entirely new scenes. Then after that, I’m probably gonna do the entire thing over from scratch. I’ll do the exact same edits/cuts I did before, but this time use Adobe instead of the program I’ve been using up until now.

    3. Super Metroid is my favorite videogame ever. Not embarrassing until I say that, like Rocky 4 I’ve played it over 1000 times. My brother and I even have a small competition to see who can beat it with the least amount of items. We’re both tied at 16%. 15% is the lowest you need in order to win. 14% if you cheat. BTW, I hardly play videogames anymore unless it the ones I played as a kid. The newest videogames I play to this day are all from 2002-2004.

    4. No embarrassing tv shows for me, as I hardly watch tv shows. Every time I try to watch something that’s popular, it takes me about 30 seconds before I ask myself “Why am I watching this crap?” So no Jersey Shore for me. But as for tv I will say this. I find myself watching some real crap late at night. Usually those soft-core pornos they play on the movie channels. I did however, once watch a Paris Hilton movie from beginning to end. She had maybe 5 minutes of screen time where she just played herself, of course. I don’t know why I kept watching it, maybe because of how bad it was. The acting was horrible. The ONLY thing that stuck out for me was when the main character dreams of her and she’s looking into the camera and keeps saying “Fuck me Steve”.

    Or sometimes the Spanish channels will play 80’s action movies and I’ll watch them despite not knowing what they’re saying as it’s usually really crappy, bottom of the battle 80’s D-list action movies like American Kickboxer 4. Sometimes they’ll play C-list crappy 80’s action movies like “Action Jackson”. Simply put, I’ve never seen Aliens, Terminator 1 or 2, Predator, or any of the Rocky or Rambos on the Spanish channels.

    5. I’ll end with this. Even though I love rock, r&b, techno, everything 80’s, don’t listen to hardly any music before the 80’s, and hate just about all music after 1995 (unless it’s heavy metal) my favorite genre of music is Smooth Jazz.

  6. 1. I am completely 100% addicted to Americas Next Top Model. I know how awful it is but I just can’t help it. It’s gotten to the stage where as I watch all the new cycles on youtube the day after the come out because they wont air in the UK for months. Britains Next Top Model just isn’t the same.
    2. Despite having a mostly respectable music taste, one of my all time favourite bands is Aqua. Thats the band that did Barbie Girl…
    3. I study English at college but still read the trashiest books out there, give me my Jilly Cooper anyday

  7. I am 28.

    1. Just so you know, I am with you on Smallville. Seasons 1-4 were awesome.. but 5-9 were REALLY hard to get through; the character dynamics and relationships were forced down our throats… Writing was horrible too. Though I watched them while they aired, so it wasn’t that bad as plowing through them on DVD. HOWEVER! The 10th (and last) season is probably the best season yet and I think part of it that helped is that Chloe is not around (hated they way she talked). That and he’s finally confident with great story arcs. I cannot wait to see what the last episode of the series holds.

    For my other embarrassing confessions?

    2. I love Survivor. I find it very exciting and I think the relationship, backstabbing, and maneuvering dynamics are very fascinating. It’s so interesting to see how people act and change when they are starving on rice and when a million dollars on the line.

    3. I watch all the DC comic cartoons, DVD releases AND tv shows.

    4. I am not an emotional guy and my friends would be super surprised to hear this, but I actually get teary/cry when sad/emotional things happen on my favorite TV shows. Touching moments, deaths, and tragic scenes… i.e. Jonathan Kent dying on Smallville? I was gone.

    5. I am the exact same with your Fast and Furious comment.

  8. i got an confession to make!

    I actually enjoy Uwe boll’s movies… i know theyre crap and all but all ive seen (except bloodryne 2 that one rally sucked ass) have entertained me and my friends many a times ! Postal is my favourite 🙂

  9. I’d like to point out….500 hours and your best toon pic that you can post is a level 92 barbs, perhaps you did something wrong :).

    I’m not embarrassed to admit that I had several builds sorcs & zons during my time with D2. I maxed all 10 classes in World of Warcraft to 80 before the latest exp pack, currently have 4 maxed to 85. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the game has gotten stale and left a bitter taste in my mouth that the new exp pack offers exactly NOTHING new. So I’m wasting my life away in DC Universe Online blasting away at criminals pretending I’m a superhero. MMO is my kryptonite.

  10. I still argue with my friends that Tokyo Drift is actually a pretty decent movie. By talking about it, I really want to see it again.

    I’ll make a quick list:

    1) I watched every episode of Jersey Shore UNTIL the most recent season, and that’s only because I’m currently in Spain and I have other things to download. I’d like to use the argument of convenience while at Michigan, but that just doesn’t fly anymore.

    2) I LOVE Neil Marshall movies. Every single one of them (that he directed). I’m not even that embarrassed about this one (much like Tokyo Drift). “Dog Soldiers” was the best thriller film that used minimal special effects that I’ve seen in a VERY long time. “The Descent” is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen ever. “Doomsday” I think is actually one of my absolute favorite movies. The fact that it meshes 28 Days Later and Mad Max into a UK package that doesn’t take itself seriously – so beautiful. Then finally, I really liked Centurion. The cast, the hilariously superfluous violence, just everything.

    3) I can’t seem to get into “Arrested Development.” The past couple years my friends have been trying to get me into the show, but every time I sit down to watch, it’s always just some random episode so understandably I don’t know what’s going on. I haven’t had the motivation to just sit down and start from the beginning, which is probably something that I need to do. I’m REALLY embarrassed about that one.

    4) Same with Jake, I tend to tear up really easily during emotional parts of movies and TV shows.

    5) I really like “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.” Obviously not as much as the original, but I legitimately think it gets less credit than it deserves.

    On another note, Paul, I am SO GLAD that you like Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I was super embarrassed to tell anyone that I liked the show when I went through the entire series in 3 days last April. I feel so relieved knowing that you love it for the same reasons as I do. Also, how do you feel about the prequel series, Gods of the Arena? I really like it so far.

  11. I have never owned a comic in my life, until last year when I bought 300 and Watchmen.

    I love watching Star Wars, all six movies alike. And I don’t think the prequels suck as much as they say.

    I got hooked on watching the entire Beverly Hills 90210, which is something hard to admit. I’ll also watch TLC whenever it’s on, for whatever reason, I find it hilarious.

    I have never finished the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I haven’t even gotten the master sword. Something to fix when the 3DS comes out I hope!

    So yeah, everyone has some skelletons on their closets.

  12. Some of mine:

    1. I like all the Star Wars movies…ALL of them! And I actually loved Revenge of the Sith.

    2. I’m just like you Paul when it comes to Pokemon. It was totaly a corner stone in my childhood.

    3. I don’t find atractive a lot of popular actresses like Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara or Eva Mendez. Actually my perfect woman is Natalie Portman.

    4. I actually enjoyed all 3 Matrix movies, although I agree the best one was the first, but it’s the whole mythology I find fascinating.

    And my darkest secret….

    5. The first album I bought with my own money was the first Britney Spears album. (C’mon, I was 12 and she was pretty hot).

  13. Damn i thought i was the only one who liked tokyo drift. I thought it was the perfect mix of bad acting and driving scenes followed by some of the cheesiest lines you’ll ever hear. And I also watch the jersey shore b/c even though it’s idiotic nothing is more funny than watching a bunch of over tanned guidos argue over grenades and landmines.

  14. My best friend and I argue over who likes the worse movies. His are Street Fighter (With JCVD) and the Phantom while mine are the Running Man and The Shadow with Alec Baldwin. I can’t believe how bad that movie is but I absolutly love it. A couple more for me.

    I don’t cry when it comes to most movies and tv but I cried to an episode of Pokemon. The one where Ash lets Pikachu go to join the other Pikachus. One of the saddest moments in television.

    I have never watched an episode of Smallville, Heroes, Lost, The Sopranos, Arrested Develolpment, Two and a Half Men, The Office, 24, or basically any other big show. And yet my wife got me hooked on Drop Dead Diva. Great show. I get mad at her when she doesn’t remind me it’s on.

  15. I haven’t put too much though into this, but off the top of my head.

    1. I’ve probably spent around $10,000 on dvd’s.

    2. I own 3 Hilary Duff albums.

  16. 1. Meh, thats understandable considering it made more sense then the other 3 movies. I too like this movie

    2. Who doesn’t like this game? If you’re a fan of MMO and grew up in the 90s its inevitable

    3. lolwut?

    4. Smallville is fun to watch in if you aren’t concerned about the original comics, plus as an added bonus I like the different interpretations of the villains

    5. You have officially lost yourself a reader.

  17. I liked the film Josie and the Pussycats. There it is. That Diablo story made my day, man. I can’t stop picturing somebody throwing their hard-earned loot on the ground for the noobs while screaming that a video game will ruin their lives. That is what I call an epic tantrum.

  18. I really like reading people’s secrets, it’s always an interesting look into their personality.

    Here go five of mine, some aren’t secrets to the people I know, but to the internet people, they obviously are.

    1. I love Johnny Depp. So much, he’s my favourite actor. Plop a JD movie in front of me and I’ll watch it, even the ones that aren’t exactly his best work. Like Charlie and the chocolate factory, I watch it just because he’s in it.

    2. I really love horror movies. Good, bad, stupid, smart, what have you. My favourite “bad” horror movies would have to be Saw, they’re pretty much crap, although the first one is good. I just like them, I hated gory horror movies before I watched Saw, and it kind of changed all that. I also love thriller movies like the Machinist and House of 9 and all that.

    3. I LOVE RuPal’s Drag Race. Watching Drag Queens bitch at each other for an hour, now that’s quality entertainment. Lol

    4. I love Glee. Yeah, I know. Some people just really, really hate it. But I consider myself a Gleek. I love the music they play, and sometimes it leads me to the original, which I almost always like more. So it leads me to some pretty good music sometimes. Get off my back about it.

    5. If I didn’t have Doctor Who and Harry Potter, I probably wouldn’t be typing this here. Without these two, I probably would have gone insane and offed myself years ago. A little dark, but it’s a secret and one I don’t usually tell people.

    Also, I have read Twilight. In fact, for a brief period I kinda liked it. I think it was just all my old friends though, they kept saying it was amazing and awesome. Ugh, how could I read such terrible writing? Also, Stephen King is awesome. Oh, and despite my love for Daft Punk and Broadway tunes, most of my favourite music comes from the 80’s, my mum and dad listened to it all the time and I totally love it. She’s happy, she’s 45 and shares musical taste w/ a 19 year old! I love secrets.

    P.S, my room walls are covered with movie posters. And while I only have about 20 comics books, I so want more. This girl prefers comic books to tween vampire novels.

  19. The only thing that comes to mind for me right now is that I was SCARED all the way through The Grudge, not the real Japanese one…the Sarah Michelle Gellar one….so scared I almost got sick on myself and spent large portions of the movie looking at the floor. I haven’t found any movie since that has scared me even close to those levels (maybe Cat’s Eye that’s old Stephen King movie but I saw it when I was like 8 and it bothered me more that the little troll hurt the cat)

    hmm…and that I don’t understand Football….at all…and people have tried to explain it to me multiple times…in one ear – out the other!

  20. Tokyo Drift is AWESOME. Tough the first movie has better, more quotable cheesy lines (“Wait, you just can’t climb in the ring with Ali ’cause you think you box”?? Come on that’s pure excellence). Be proud of the fact that you recognize how great pure entertainment can be. Not everything is “The Lord of the Rings”.

    Jersey Shore is the television equivalent of a king-sized candy bar, it seems like a good idea, it tastes good while you’re eating it, but after you always feel a little sick and you wonder why you ate it. I think everyone secretly wants some “Jersey Shore”.

    Ah Smallville. I love Smallville, I suffered through the tragedy that was seasons 6 and 7, BUT it actually gets better in seasons 8 and 9. I have yet to watch season 10, but I have heard it’s at least decent. Go back and watch it, then let us all know how it was, in confessing all this, now we’re all invested.

    And I say own your “embarrassing” media decisions.

  21. Paul, if you like reality shows which showcases creativity, then watch Face-Off on SyFy. It’s really interesting to see what they can come up with.

    One confession I’m not ashamed to make is that I liked all the Step Up movies. I know they are terrible, but the girls are usually incredibly hot and the dancing is amazing

  22. 1. Tokyo Drift is my favorite movie of the series. I never understood why so many people disliked it.

    2. I like all of the Star Wars movies, including the prequel trilogy. My mum loved Star Wars so I grew up watching the first through third movies as they came out, and like before I don’t see what all the hate is for. Are they as good as the original trilogy? Not at all. Are they horrible trash? No, they’re good movies.

    3. I’ve never watched a single episode of the Wire, Glee, the Office, Lost, Smallville, the Sopranos, Arrested Development, Two and a Half Men, 24, or just about any popular show. In fact, I don’t watch TV at all.

    4. I absolutely LOVE watching crappy horror flicks. I watch them because they are awesomely crappy. And I’ll admit, while I mainly watch them for laughs, sometimes they genuinely scare me (there I said it).

  23. I could see where you were coming from with everything but… you guessed it; Jersey Shore. Hey, you said it best, “There’s no excuse for this one…” Truer words have never been spoken. Oh and I love that you work my criticisms (read: insults) into your topics.

  24. 1. I’ve never seen a single second of Arrested Development. I could not care less about that show.

    2. I watched the Rocky Horror episode of Glee. For the most part, I didn’t think it was too bad. Didn’t make me a fan, though.

    3. I’ve never seen Goodfellas. I’m ashamed of this fact.

    4. The ending to Dumbo makes me cry. Every time.

    5. I saw The Powerpuff Girls Movie. In theaters. I was 18 at the time. (I swear I’m not gay or a creeper. I just really liked that show.)

  25. I think I probably picked up a few of those items in that Diablo II room even-though I didn’t need them. Trust me, 3 months lost is nothing. D2 is also why I avoided WoW. I’m not sure I can avoid D3 though. Scared.

  26. Hi, my name is Lizz and I’m a Jersey Shore addict. I agree that this is a train wreck of a show, but I can’t stop watching. The horrible tans, the back biting kids, GTL. All of it is what is surely wrong with our youth today (me at the ripe age of 28 can say that). I got bored one day (last week during a snowstorm) and dressed up like snooki. then made my husband take pics (he refused to be my Pauly D). Then posted a few to FB. fail.

    I can attest to the scary obsession with D2. A boyfriend (at the time) and his friend thought it would be funny to mold me into their “protiege” player. Little did they know I harbored a secret love of MMO’s. And so 6 months of my life was spent hacking, slashing and necromancing my way through level after level, until the day where I could go no further with my characters and could fit no more items in my inventory. I had a seperate “storage” account just for all my goodies. I did nothing but Meph runs. another fail.

    Lastly I have to agree with Katherine that fanfiction is the lowest form of writing (can you really call it that?). I am a Garrus/Femshep smut junkie. I can’t stop and my husband thinks im a little damaged for loving a scaly cat/reptile alien as much as I do. I bleed blue for Garrus. FFFFFAAAAAIIIIIILLLLLL!!!!!

  27. You are so silly, Paul. You don’t have to justify watching Jersey Shore. It’s like smoking: no redeeming qualities, yet you need it and can’t stop it. I found nothing to be ashamed of in your list, except Project Runway. That’s unforgivable, sorry.

  28. I am addicted to lurking around forum conversations about Western Roleplaying Games vs. Japanese RPGs

    I love anime and Japanese music in the openings of episodes, but no one in my family understands.

    I use the internet, videogames, and commedy to not think about how depressed I really am

  29. I am a sports movie junky, no matter how bad or good the movie is I can’t not watch it. From Hoosiers to Space Jam. If the plot revolves around sports I not only watch it but I cry at the end of all of them. I normally am reserved with my emotions but throw on The Longest Yard or even Little Giants and at the end I am sobbing like a girl watching The Notebook.

  30. 1. I never, NEVER missed “The O.C.” in high school. . .and I’m not female.

    2. I hate Gears of War. I’ve started it at least 3 times, and never got past the 3rd or 4th level. It’s not hard (obviously), I just hate it SO much.

    3. I once wrote a song about Daredevil. I cannot to this day remember why I did that.

  31. 1. Also have seen every episode of Jersey Shore also between 2 girlfriends.

    2. I HATE HATE HATE HATE Portal 2, it sucks more than the entire Vivid line-up.

    3. I have a deep seated want to be a volunteer colonist on the colony but I’m afraid they’ll make me eat fish (Bugs fine, no fish….so gross)

    4. I really enjoy being a pessimist 95% of the time.

    5. Avatar is the single worst movie ever made…other than the Blair Witch Project. I’d rather get branded with a hot iron than sit through anything involving either of these 2 movies.

    6. I sat through the entire series of Charmed with an Ex and ended up enjoying it for the most part.

    That’s all for now.

  32. 1) I watched all of smallville and hated most of it but I could not stop. Something in me needed to finish.

    2) I LOVE bad horror movies. Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Puppet Master (Box Set Baby!), Monster Man, Winterbeast- cheesier the better.

    3) This one is awkward but I have somewhat of a man-crush on David Tennent for his work with Doctor Who. I have seen every new episode (since it came back) at least 5 times each.

    4) In high school I spent months playing Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen to get every conceivable item and ending. Severe addictions to Diablo games, Starcraft and other Blizzard black holes of time not withstanding I was never as obsessed as I was over that game and still play it through ROMs.

    5) I have read every book ever written based on the roleplaying universe of Shadowrun and have been known to defend many of them for being examples of good works of literature.

    6) I know all the songs in the movie Paint Your Wagon and sing them from time to time.

  33. At first, when I saw Jersey Shore on the list, I was so disgusted I couldn’t even face palm. So that was worse than the time I saw an ad for a Sexy 8 Year Old costume. But when I read your explanation, it made sense. Like a documentary, I like that. Actually, Temperance Brennan from Bones literally thought it was a documentary, and watched it that way too.

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