The Five Best Boss Weapons from Dark Souls

“Dark Souls” is a video game that has some challenging bosses to defeat if you want to move on in the game. Some of them are so hard to defeat that it takes the best weapons. One of the bosses grants players with a weapon crafting soul upon his defeat. If you’re new to the game then you probably have no idea about which weapons are the most effective in defeating these tough foes. Boss weapons also come in handy when going up against invaders and other foes. Here is everything you need to know about the five best weapons in Dark Souls for defeating these challenging bosses and tackling invaders.

Additional information about crafting weapons

While it’s essential to choose the best weapons to defeat the bosses, there’s a lot more to it than merely choosing a weapon to use. For the most effective boss killing weapons, players choose a base weapon, then upgrade them as much as possible. The goal is to ascend the weapon with a boss would. This is one of the ultimate achievements. It’s vital to know which weapons are really worth using against bosses because some will get you nowhere regardless of how much you upgrade them, according to Game Rant. We decided not to include the worst weapons, but rather to focus on the best and most powerful boss weapons.

Making weapons in “Dark Souls” is an art, and you will need to plan on visiting the Giant Blacksmith and Anor Londo to make your base weapons more powerful. We’ve researched forums and obtained the opinions of players who have had experience playing to learn more about their experiences and get their feedback on which weapons they consider to be the best boss weapons. It’s essential to keep in mind that most boss weapons do require you to do a lot of legwork according to Eurogamer. Be patient and work on upgrading the weapon you chose at least to a plus ten, then go further and ascend the weapon using the boss soul as the final step. Although there is no one best weapon, because every player has his or her preferences and build, there are some that stand out above the others. Based on their feedback, here are the best to start with.

5. Moonlight Butterfly Horn

The Moonlight Butterfly Horn is a spear that may not do a lot in its base form, but when it’s properly equipped it can inflict a great deal of damage against the tough bosses you’ll need to battle. This spear has the capacity to be infused into a +10 that deals only magic damage. Other impressive features of the spear are the B scaling in intelligence and the attack rating of 180. The spear performs at its best when it is used with close-range spells. This is one of the best early-stage game weapons you can acquire, but better ones will become available as you progress. It’s recommended as one of the top picks for intelligence builds. The Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly is required for this weapon.

4. Great Lord Greatsword

Although the Great Lord Greatsword doesn’t cause fire damage like Gwyn, it is a powerful boss sword. It requires the Soul of Gwiny, Lord of Cinder. When you Ascend a plus 10 sword weapon with Gwyn’s soul in Anor Londo at the Giant Blacksmith it becomes a force to be reckoned with. It is compatible with a variety of Straight Swords, Great Swords, and Ultra Greatswords.

3. Greatshield of Artorias

Greatshield of Artorias requires the Soul of Sif. The advantage of this weapon is that successful blocks stop the status effects from attack, which is a nice perk to have in the game. Start with a base shield that is a plus ten, and Ascend with Sif’s soul. To do so go see the Giant Blacksmith at Anor Londo. Make sure that the shield you select is compatible with the Soul of Sif.

2. Vordt’s Great Hammer

Vordt’s Great Hammer is a weapon that you can acquire in time. Although it’s an early weapon, it takes a while to build your stats high enough to unlock this powerful weapon. You can get it from Vordt of the Boreal Valley. This is a very large weapon, but you should give it a try. It’s great for dealing high amounts of damage for being so early in the game. A strength of at least 30 is required. If you use both hands to hold the Hammer, you can get by with a strength of 20. One of the best things about Vordt’s Great Hammer is that it causes frostbite. Frostbike slows down stamina recovery when you inflict damage on an enemy. The rate at which Vordt’s Great Hammer inflicts frostbite is faster than any other weapon in the game. This weapon is best for use against faster foes.

1. Gundyr’s Halberd

The top pick for the best boss weapon from Dark Souls is Gundyr’s Halberd. This weapon is powerful and effective for inflicting damage. This is one that you won’t get too early in the game. It’s one that you get after a rematch with Gundyr in the Untended Graves match. Bear this in mind because it’s well worth the effort to go back and get it. It’s one of the strongest polearms you can possess in the game. What makes this halberd so powerful is its length. There are just two in the game that has a greater length than this one, but they’re a lot harder to get. The charge attack for this halberd is unique. It might not look like much, but it is ranked as being deceptively powerful when you use it in battles against invaders.

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