The 10 Picture Nicolas Cage Hair Timeline

Nic Cage

It’s been a long road for Nicolas Cage.  From a tiny role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High to playing action star, Cage has had a very successful cinematic career.   While he may never understand the value of a dollar, there’s one thing that we all ponder about the movie star from time to time…”what in God’s name is with this guy’s hair?”

I swear to God his hair has taken on a life of its own.  It’s as if I want to see movies with him simply based on what his hair is going to look like.  But Cage’s hair wasn’t always so weird.  It’s my argument that it took a turn in the late 90’s.  Surprisingly he lasted that long with his real locks.

We’re going to take a look at ten photos from movies that I deem somewhat significant in deciphering Nicolas Cage’s hair.

Real Hair – 1982 -1997

 Valley Girl – 1983

Nic Cage

This would be Cage as a young actor sporting some poofy yet real hair.   He’s proud of this ‘doo.  The punk rock look suits him well here.

Peggy Sue Got Married – 1986

Peggy Sue

Then you have what appears to be fake hair but Cage is still doing just fine up there.  They just poofed it up a bit so he could look a little more 60s.

Moonstruck – 1987


Now you see that the man is receding but it actually works out well because it makes the “pathetic” look more believable in this film.  He can still get away with stuff.

Wild At Heart – 1990


I have no idea what’s going on here but the hair still appears real.

Kiss of Death – 1995 

Kiss of Death

This is about the most real I’ve ever seen Cage’s hair and I find it odd that it’s 1995.  Cage was starting to look kind of muscular at this point and I think directors or someone out there must have said “OK it’s time to mess with this guy’s hair for good.”

Fake Hair – 1997- Present

It was when Nicolas Cage became more known as being a jacked up Superstar (Conair) that he all of a sudden has fake hair and it’s a downward, yet funny spiral from there.  At first you’ll notice it’s just extensions.  I think he still had some realness as 2000 was approaching but then all of a sudden it’s like the entire top of his forehead was plugs.  I can’t describe it but it’s the same effect that Tom Hanks had in Da Vinci Code.

Conair – 1997


This is just a joke.

Adaptation – 2002


Yeah it’s a wig but this is just funny stuff here.

National Treasure – 2004

National Treasure

This is when Cage hit the Tom Hanks era of hair.  The plugs or weaves or whatever the hell are going on couldn’t be more obvious.

Ghost Rider – 2007


This picture almost looks like some kind of Tom Cruise photoshop.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – 2010


I have nothing to say at this point.

We’ll continue this…….

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  1. Wow is that Tom Cruise cut real?

    It looks great on him, then again it looks great on most guys, it’s like the hair to have.. even I have it 🙂

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