Prometheus Has Us Meet David

Prometheus is shaping up to have the best viral campaign of the year, although The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t seem to really even be trying this time around.

We’ve already seen the faux TED talk with Guy Pearce, and now we have a new promotional video showcasing Michael Fassbender’s android, David. It’s incredibly creepy, and I’m not just saying that because I saw Shame and now can only think of Fassbender’s O-face when he’s onscreen. Rather, the short clip walks us through what makes an android happy, sad and probably likely to end up killing us all.  Maybe he’ll be nice and try to break out of the killer robot stereotype like Kevin Spacey’s GERTY from Moon. I love that smiley little guy.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more that this is the best marketing campaign of the year for a film – and it totally reminded me of The Dark Knight campaign with its variety of websites that they created for that film. I thought the David video was genius and the comment that he can perform tasks that humans find “unethical” is definitely a tease for what is coming in the film.

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