Telling The Truth in Advertising: A Gallery

How often do you really stop to read an advertisement?   How often do you really pay attention to a commercial?   Not too often right?  And why exactly do you think that is?  Well it’s because most of them suck obviously.

Companies just don’t put enough thought into expressing their messages.  But when some of these guys get creative, they can produces works of art that are both meaningful and aesthetically impressive.

Check out these truthful ads that do a little of both…..

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  1. the World Wildlife Federation faced a shitstorm after they put out that tasteless picture. Environmentalists are an insane group of people…From PETA to the World Wildlife Federation(I refuse to call them WWF) to Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Earth Liberation Army (ELA) they are all nuts. I wait for the day they pull some Twelve Monkey shit

  2. Pretty much everything from the WWF (except the last monkey one) was batshit.

    Only in their crazy heads do the events of 9/11 and any tsunami have anything to do with each other.

    Whether you believe in AGW or not, if you believe it has any effect on earthquakes… you’re crazy.

  3. Does anyone else find it amusing that someone like “Piratey”, who is obviously a cave-dwelling lunatic, is calling other people nuts? hardy har har.

    At this moment, human beings have more than 100 times the biomass of any other animal in existence. From an economic scarcity perspective, abundant = cheap, which means that in the grand scheme of things an individual human being (i.e. you) might be just as useful to the species if used as cat food.

    Given a choice between adding another billion human beings to the population, and the extinction of birds or whales (for example), I know which one I’d pick.

    (Also, care to see some glacial recession data or global temperature data, dimwit? It’s OK, maybe “Jesus” will save the billions who will starve due to desertification and sea level rise… pray really hard!)

  4. Yeah, be very very careful supporting any sort of political views here. We don’t want to fucking hear it. I actually stumbled across Unreality after abandoning my last favorite site because they felt regal enough to start preaching politics to me. I’ll leave this one in a heartbeat if you do the same. And even though that’s an empty threat to you, remember other hundreds to other thousands think the same way I do, they just don’t comment on it.

  5. Sorry, I do apologize and feel the need to follow myself up here. I know you were commenting SOLELY on the power of the ads, which was considerable. But some people have disavowed themselves from certain bullshit and feel accosted when they see it from their friends (me)….

  6. That’s a fascinating collection of some quite powerful charity ads.

    To those desperately trying to make this post political: If a post includes a broad selection of ads ranging from warning against saturated fats to littering, there’s nothing political about it.

  7. Alright, first things first: I’ve been avidly reading Unreality for 3 months now, eating up even early articles just to get a feel for the writers, and this is the first thing I’m commenting on. Not the first one I wanted to comment on, but the first one I felt compelled enough to actually put pen to paper, so to speak.

    To the author: wtF? I get that the topic is the POWER of the ads, but you purposefully and rather presumptuously conjecture that these ads are powerful because of the ‘truth’ they contain and convey. I call bullshit AND shenanigans! A lot of this stuff is a) still up for debate by scientists and – you know – people with collections of actual facts, and b) sensational drivel. A lot of do-gooder movements have lost their inherent base due to really mucking up their in-your-face advertising – I know: I’m a walking example of a once-was. If your message is scrambled by ads that willfully LIE about things to get people to notice, then the message ‘feels’ like a lie, and hypocritical. Global Warming? Still controversial – big style. I could cite countless readings on one side and the other, but there’s an easier way to see the big picture: simply Google ‘June 1974 Time article Global Cooling.’ the first time people started finger-pointing at itself for atrocious crimes against the Earth; the proof? ‘Research’ yielding ‘results’ that are polar opposites from those on the Table of Scrutiny today – yet blame people for it as well. Look, I get it: people can cause damage to the environment, sometimes on a massive scale. Still, stop the rhetoric – the tear-jerking imagery – and present facts WITH actual solutions; how about that? Otherwise, just shut up at this point… you’ve had 15 years, and I’m not buying your crap anymore. I had to stop being Liberal because of you dumbshits.

    Finally, to Asmodeus: seriously? Piratey – in an overly-opinionated method – brought to light a very firm and stable point in this thread: Global Warming could be a sham, and these organizations HAVE done some things (PETA ESPECIALLY!) that make any sane person scratch his or her noggin once in a while. This makes them a wee bit unreliable – every bit as much as Phillip-Morris makes itself when advertising how they really want you to quit smoking ON their cigarette packs! It’s ridiculous. Yet, instead of adding to the discussion, you just call him a cave-dweller and a Jesus-loving (?) idiot. When did he mention Jesus? Or religion, for that matter? Not once.

    Thus, I am now guilty of your own crime: assumption. I assume you are a knee-jerk non-thinking Liberal moron with your head stuck so far up your ass that you simply cannot fathom having any logical person disagreeing with you. That is your folly and your movement’s folly – it leaves no room for discussion and completely kills the potential for solid resolution. I can disagree with a person on these things but still have a reasonable debate that leads to enlightenment on both sides without any name-calling or walling-off of the other’s possibly brilliant – maybe even original – ideas. Whereas, on your extreme end of the spectrum, one of you tells a lie, a so-called ‘expert’ buys it and spreads the lie, then the rest of you espouse this as God’s honest truth (without the God bit, of course).

    In other less humble words: shut up, you jackass. You’re messing it up for all of us.

  8. p.s. to the moderators: I know that was huge, an article in itself, maybe. But I had a lot to say, and I’m sorry it got so big. Please consider leaving it in its entirety, for the sake of mankind 🙂

  9. Shan, for all my preaching (and I know what it is), that’s kinda the point. We all tend to think it’s cool. It’s creative advertising (which is something I do on the side as part of my living) – but thinking an ad’s cool and thereby accepting its message as fact leads to an unfair bias among a generally free-thinking people. It makes us lazy and self-defeatist if we don’t question something that forces us to question ourselves. Think of it as a product: why should I buy this [information]?

    Now for some good news. As I type this, just heard on the news: The US-of-A just kicked Osama bin Laden’s ass back to hell. #1 worst mothafukka in a world just bit the dust. Justice at last!!!

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