I See Your Miranda Cosplay, and Raise You a Jack

So most of you will remember when I featured this bit of incredible Mass Effect 2 Miranda Lawson cosplay, which featured a hot model all space spandexed out in an almost perfect rendition of the genetically perfect uber-hottie.

Welllll, the gauntlet was apparently thrown down, because as you can see, I now have a rival bit of costuming from model Jia Jam and photographer Kyle Johnson. It may lack the photoshopped CGI bonus features the Miranda costume had, but I’d say the detail in this one makes it the winner. The tattoos must have taken hours and hours to ink, and that really is commitment to the part for a hot model to literally shave shapes into her head like that.

Who am I going to be featuring next week? Is someone lurking out there with a perfect Grunt or Garrus Vakarian get-up, just waiting to be professionally photographed? The only female left worth dressing up as would be Tali, but I can’t imagine a whole lot of models being super pumped about being forced into a limo tinted mask for the entire shoot.

Check out the multitude of Jack pictures below.

*Note: Posting a picture of Jack from the game, so the uninitiated will know who the hell this is and not think we’re turning into some sort of S&M site.

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  1. thats pretty badass – when you mentioned about tattoos being inked… while it may have taken quite a while, she’s definitely wearing a skin-colored shirt with the tats on it. still rockin though!

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