Who Do You Think Would Win a Fight? Goku or Superman


Goku may be a nice guy who doesn’t like to kill but the guy’s a meat head who absolutely loves fighting to test his limits. A fight to the death with superman, maybe not, but I can definitely see Goku challenging him to a spar just to see who’s better. Goku’s hardly the pacifist kind of hero who reluctantly fights, fighting is in his blood. Not only because he’s a saiyan but because he grew up on Martial Arts.

On the other hand they aren’t that similar. If you saw the latest screw attack video about their second battle they phrase it pretty well. Superman is like a god among men trying to fit in and repress his powers to fit in. While Goku is a warrior who doesn’t concern himself at all with fitting in. Superman is a hero without true limits while Goku is a fighter who constantly tries to surpass his limits. The ONLY similarity between them really if they were sent away right before their planet blew up but even that is different as Superman was sent away to save his life while Goku just happened to be sent on a conquest mission right before it all went down.

Who do you think would win?

Comic via Julia Lepetit


  1. Genbu July 23, 2015
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      • Genbu July 24, 2015
        • Super steak fries July 24, 2015
          • Genbu July 25, 2015
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