Who Do You Think Would Win a Fight? Goku or Superman


Goku may be a nice guy who doesn’t like to kill but the guy’s a meat head who absolutely loves fighting to test his limits. A fight to the death with superman, maybe not, but I can definitely see Goku challenging him to a spar just to see who’s better. Goku’s hardly the pacifist kind of hero who reluctantly fights, fighting is in his blood. Not only because he’s a saiyan but because he grew up on Martial Arts.

On the other hand they aren’t that similar. If you saw the latest screw attack video about their second battle they phrase it pretty well. Superman is like a god among men trying to fit in and repress his powers to fit in. While Goku is a warrior who doesn’t concern himself at all with fitting in. Superman is a hero without true limits while Goku is a fighter who constantly tries to surpass his limits. The ONLY similarity between them really if they were sent away right before their planet blew up but even that is different as Superman was sent away to save his life while Goku just happened to be sent on a conquest mission right before it all went down.

Who do you think would win?

Comic via Julia Lepetit

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  1. Ehh I don’t really like deathbattle’s logic, or the cherry picking of powers and skills from multiple superman versions. They lowballed goku quite a bit as well. Kakarot88 on screwattack did the best comparison, by far

    1. Thing Superman has so many different stories, how would some one go about choosing which story and what strength he has to best suit a “death battle”. Like If they went into every single story and judged how strong he was it would be freaking boring. How would you go about judging Superman’s powers then comparing it to Goku. Plus most of Dragon Balls feats are mostly statements like Cells Solar Kamehameha where he says he can destory a solar system but isn’t shown like in the Superman comics where they show him doing some asinine things like punching a planet or surviving flying through a red sun which is like flying into billions of kriptonite nuclear missiles shot at rapid fire. Personally if I was in charge of Death battle I would never bring this up due to both Superman and Goku fans being super bias saying so and so is stronger because of x, and reason so and so isn’t as strong is because of y, while at the same time ignoring some one else’s x and y. It’s worthless to make logic of this really.

      1. Most fans of one side aren’t really fans of the other. I feel that for superman, it’s very hard to pinpoint what should be cannon. Obviously no sane person cares to see the original superman get his butt whooped, or to see prime and pre-crisis whoop goku. Those gaps are just too vast and too illogical. I think new 52 is a good canon, and balanced version of superman to use. As for goku, Akira toriyama was a lazy writer. He wrote stories that allowed filler and comedic relief to create plot holes in what would otherwise create a logical and clearly powerful goku. We see goku lift/push large boulders in dragonball, but he struggles during his workout during the buu saga in the other world with weights. We see goku go faster than what trained fighters can see even in dragonball (arguably faster than light), but he takes forever to go through snake way. BTW, most ppl fail to account that superman’s traverse speed is awesom, but his combat speed is not..even wonder woman can keep up with him thanks to proper training. Idk, both sides have problems with pinpointing what is accurate and consistent

        1. Well it depends on who superman is fighting. Like the over done Superman vs Batman arguement. Superman holds back. But when he’s fighting a threat like Anti-monitor, Darkseid or I guess Ultraman (evil gangster superman) you’ll see him fight so fast that it looks like there are multiple supermen fighting at once, similar to Goku fighting his enemies. So stating he fights slower than how fast he travels can be right but it matters who he’s fighting. So it would probably happen if he treated Goku as a Human but I don’t think that would be particularly interesting.

          1. My main two problems with the superman data is typically related to the misconceptions about traverse speed vs combat speed (his traverse speed being faster), and his lifting strength vs his striking force (lifting strength being stronger/better represented in feats). Ironically, for dbz, each of those types of feats, the outcomes are reversed. In dbz, combat speed is always faster than traverse speed, and destructive force is always shown as more damaging than typical lifting strength. In fact, in both the DC comics, and in dbz, the gaps between each skill are illogical. Superman should be able to fight faster (at least faster than wonder woman’s combat instinct), and his punches should be more destructive with his lifting strength as high as it is. And the reverse is true for goku. I wish I could compare them fairly, but they’re both pretty flawed

  2. Hm, anyone who’s ever watched Dragonball knows Goku would never say that. He IS a saiyan after all. He DOES want to fight that “chill hero dude”. XD

  3. Goku is actually pretty selfish and thickheaded when it comes to battle. He’s always ready to fight. Not to the death(unless necessary). I mean, he even said that Freeza would make a good sparing partner if he was good.

    He’d likely challenge Superman and depending on the outcome, he’d either say he “has to train more” or “good fight, let’s fight again when you get stronger”.

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