A Gallery of Comics That Never Happened

Much thanks to nerd goddess Felicia Day for pointing me in the direction of the series of fictional comic covers. I suppose Twitter is good for something after all.

The artist is Rusty Shackles, who I’m assuming was born with that name, and he’s an incredibly talented guy who is able to replicate they style of many classic comics with ease. He decided to take on a project that imagined certain storylines that never actually existed in the comic universe.

There’s the fantastic wedding we see above. There’s MODOK falling in love. There’s cross dressing Jimmy Olsen. You really couldn’t ask for more. Check out the full collection below, and even more on Rusty’s website here.

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  1. The artist is Rusty Shackles, but the ideas are from Chris Sims over on Comics Alliance. There are more after Rusty left too, with other awesome artists.

    The Wu one is still the best though. Man, I would love to read that book.

  2. Batman and Motorhead! Top notch… (Maybe Tony Stark could team-up with The Pussycat Dolls? That’s a whole mess waiting to happen…) :-s

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