A Gallery of the Overlooked Soul Calibur Girl, Seung Mina

Soul Calibur is a series that’s known for its colorful cast of character, including a number of lovely young virtual ladies. They have distinctive looks that are cosplayed regularly, but the costume choices usually center on sexy ninja Taki, sexy viking Sophitia or sexy uh, pirate wench Ivy, with the world’s most impractical costume.

Poor Seung Mina is often overlood in favor of her large-chested counterparts, despite the fact that she’s been there since the beginning. Her long bladed staff (I don’t know the appropriate weapon word, nerds help me out), is probably the most useful tool that any of the women in the game have, and it’s nice to see she does have somewhat of a fanbase.

That’s where Konoe comes in. She’s a cosplayer with such an affinity for Seung Mina, that she decided to make not one but TWO costumes for her, which you can see below. They’re quite well done, and the photos are proof that Seung Mina can be cute with the best of them. At least one semi-NSFW image lurks in there for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Iiiiiii think the word you are looking for is “Naginata”. The long staff with a blade at the end. Learned that by playing Total War: Shogun 2 ^^

  2. Well, I reckon the weapon is known as a Zanbatou, since the character is a Korean and not Japanese.

    If she had been Japanese it would have been a Naginata. They are, I think, the same style of weapon but have different names depending on which Asian country they come from.

    And Paul asking for the help of nerds to identify a weapon cracked me up.

    This is a site for rather ‘nerdish’ things. Paul has a serious issue with Pokemon love.

    I reckon he was just winding up the target audience of his articles.

  3. Her default weapon is probably a wol do. This is a Korean polearm patterned after the Chinese guan dao. In fact, they are pretty much the same. The naginata is similar, but its blade is long and slender by comparison.

    The zanbato is a Japanese sword, not a polearm. It had a long tsuka (grip) and part of the blade may not have been sharp, allowing is to be used in the same fashion as a polearm.

  4. The issue i have with cosplayers that try and cosplay hot females like this is at leats try to resemble the race of the character your trying to cosplay. All ASIAN characters should be cosplayed by Asian girls LOL just IMO totaly messes up the feel for me if they arent.

    There is some pics of an Asian Seung Mina floating around th enet they are MUCH better than this girl’s…

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