Dr. Seuss Covers Video Games

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I’m the host of a fungus that grows in my brain, but it keeps off the Sun and it keeps out the rain.

Well, as soon as I saw this series of Dr. Seuss inspired video games drawn in the man’s style with complete perfection, I knew who was behind it. It’s our old friend Dr. Faustus, the most amazing Seuss draw-a-like on the internet.

We’ve featured plenty of his work here before, and the man is a master at Seuss-ifying almost anything. I love his Last of Us, but below you’ll find Resident Evil, Amnesia and Bioshock Infinite.


“One herb, Two herbs, Red herbs, Blue herbs.”


Run or hide?
The answer’s plain:

If I stay here,
I’ll go insane!


“If you have an idea, Fink’ll cut you a deal.

He can take all your dreams and then make them all real.

Making gadgets, and skyhooks, and vigors to sell—
it is really quite safe to say business is swell!”

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