An Excellent Mass Effect Portrait Series

You’ve read my thoughts on Mass Effect 3, and despite the ending, I still believe the series is fundamentally incredible. One of its best aspects is that its characters aren’t just one-dimensional archetypes. Rather, they’re fully-fleshed out beings with deep seeded motivations.

That’s what this portrait series form artist Arkis illustrates. It has each of the crew members listed along with their various reasons for fighting. I think they’re all pretty accurate for the most part, though Mordin’s might actually be “seashells” (you’ll get it if you played ME3).

Check out the full series below:

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  1. Good artwork. Of the three games, ME3 definitely did the best character work. Vega was the only weak link, though I hear he’s better I the FemShep version…

  2. Vega had some great lines in my game (I play FemShep), but I brought him on all of two missions, and those were when I didn’t have anyone else to choose from. He just didn’t reall interest me all that much. I’d have much rather had Grunt back onboard. There was a distinct lack of Krogan in ME3’s crew

  3. @trashcanman: I agree, he wasn’t too bad in my game. I brought him on a fair amount of missions (i liked his carnage and incendiary ammo) but I would much rather have grunt back. We got everyone else back, why not a krogan?

    The only thing I didn’t like about vega was that he would always hit on my Shep, even though I was completely not interested.

  4. Every Mass Effect had a useless male character. ME1 had Kaiden, ME2 had Jacob and ME3 had Vega. I like to think of it like another theme… it’s the Mass Effect version of the Red Shirt.

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