A Gallery of Stuffed Animals I Would Still Buy Today

Growing up I was more of a security blanket kid than a stuffed animal hoarder. By the time I started to want to collect things, I started buying X-Men action figures, so I never really went through a stuffed animal phase.

Perhaps it’s because they seemed all the same. A dog is a dog, a cow is a cow, and so forth. Not much diversity in the stuffed toy community back then.

But now I’ve discovered the wonderful world of custom plushes, and it’s enough to make me want to abandon my own prejudices and pick up a few of these. They’re not all animals per se as some are….well, you’ll see. I’ll just say it certainly helps my appreciation for the product when they’re based after my favorite video game or movie characters. Check out the fully gallery below.

Okami Amaterasu by Enchantmentsart

Raichu by PunkSpaceWafers

Grunt by silentorchid

Deadpool by Usako-chan

Han Solo by misscoffee

Wall-E by pandari

Link by Eightohsixtythird

Mareep by Egyptsand

Ninetales by Allyson-x

Pikmin by Pandari

Sackboy by Sewlolita

Sheik by Eightohsixtythird

Vaporeon by Allyson-x

Toothless by Spirit-of-America

Wheately by HeatherMason76

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