A Gallery of Social Media Propaganda Posters

I hate the buzzword phrase “social media” as much as anyone these days. Unfortunately for me, it’s something I can’t escape as it’s a vital part of my job. Whether’s it’s Facebook , Twitter, or any other social media sites, I need to be involved to some degree as a writer, and as such I’ve become more than familiar with their ins and outs over the years.

I stumbled across this rather awesome poster set from Aaron Wood where he takes social media sites and makes them into wartime propoganda posters. They’d make perfect decorations for my office, once I get an office that isn’t also my bedroom…

Twitter, FourSquare, G+ and Facebook all make appearances, but Angry Birds and the Apple vs. Android debate are featured as well. Check out the gallery below, and you can buy prints on his Etsy page.

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