How Dell Ships 65 Screws

There are plenty of companies out there who are as lazy as can possibly be.  When you get something delivered from them they might as well have tossed it off a plane from 10,000 feet in the air.  Then there are companies who take it just a bit too far.

Call me crazy but I think Dell could spend their money elsewhere than do what they do when sending you some loose screws.

Take a look at what they do 

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  1. dont see the problem here … I mean these are spare parts. They are always packaged with one piece each. In most cases they will only require one anyway so they’re wrapped to have them shipped as is. Additionally, big companies like dell will work with an automated robotic warehouse so all items have to have a barcode that has be scanned when sending and receiving the goods. No barcode fits on the screw so it has to be in an envelope of sorts. Now if for some reason someone needs that many it totally makes sense to ship them like this … or should someone unpack all of these before shipping? 😛

  2. They making trees out of plastic now?

    First off, Dell doesn’t make screws, they make pc boards, etc. The screws they use are manufactured for them (most likely in China). Second, they don’t get a box of 1 million screws and repackage them into individual envelopes. They get a box of one million individually packaged screws. So when someone orders 60 screws, a guys in a warehouse puts 60 bags in a box and slaps a FEDEX label on it and, woosh . . . off it goes to be delivered by a non-union courier, you fucking morons.

  3. It’s not only Dell, Motorola is famous for this also. As a joke we took a sleeve of staples bagged them up as individual pieces in carefully opened Motorola parts bags and mailed them back to mother Mo as a protest.

  4. simple, the screws come pre-packaged from the manufacturer(not being dell) it would take them much longer to take each of them out of their packaging and setting them up into an individual package including them all, call this unreal but its quite lazy as well, how do i know they’re pre packed? think about it, would you loose 65 screws out of your computer components or would you loose 1 or 2?? they’re not going to have a box full of screws and have to count them all out each time a customer orders a bunch, they’re simply going to open a package, count the pre packed packages, match the numbers and baam ship em!



  5. “the screws come pre-packaged from the manufacturer” in individual envelopes?


    Screws are case-pack. They come in lots of thousands per container. No assembly line is going to individually package an item sold in bulk. Does Dell use screws in bulk? Hell yes. So they buy them in bulk.

    I guarantee you that the manufacturer does not individually package all the screws they send to Dell. How inefficient a process–and how expensive–is it for Company A to individually package screws, ship this bulky packaging to Dell, and then Dell has to open every individual package for a dozen screws to build a single computer?

    No, what’s happened here is that for some reason, instead of shipping the sku in bulk, the order got split into individual lines and each line got scanned & packed separately.

    This was a mistake.

    I’d bet my job (in logistics) on it.

  6. It’s a wonder they don’t have envelopes of 5 and 10 screws, that would just make too much sense I guess… Though to be fair, they could have run out of larger sets. And like @bob said, could have easily been a logistical issue where the idiot taking the order chose 65 of the “individual” sku, instead of realizing there’s a seperate sku for larger amounts. Same idea though if it was ordered online.

  7. Dell is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Had they not packaged them like this, then I’m sure some overachiever would have made a big stink out of it. Instead, you’re left saying, ‘Wow, I can’t believe they packaged it this way.’

    No winners or losers here.

  8. I work for Dell at a localised call center, you should see what happens when we have to send out whole sets of screws for servers.

    The reason we do that is most people don’t order 65 screws, they just order 1. So the screws get put into packets before hand and stored at a parts depot. The demand for bulk orders of screws is so low they don’t bother creating packets of 5, 10 etc etc (though I agree it wouldn’t be a bad idea). So when they get an order for 65 the floor worker just grabs 65 packets and shoves them in a nice box.

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