A Gallery of Gorgeous, Glowing Street Fighter Art

Behind only Pokemon and Disney Princesses, I think I see more Street Fighter fan art around the internet than anything else. Therefore, it’s tough for me to wowed by something in that category, but I really do think this gallery is amazing.

If this was a year ago, I would say this is “Tron” Street fighter, but it’s really just using brightly glowing segments as an artistic touch. All your favorite characters have been re-rendered, and the Apple logo in the corner of each? I think these are all supposed to be iPhone backgrounds.

Much thanks to Shadowloo for the awesome creations, and you can check out the full gallery below:

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  1. “If this were a year ago” you would have posted the full size pics. Now, instead, you’re posting the iPhone screens that someone made using those pics. Made my day.

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