10 Fun Facts About Stardew Valley’s Abigail

Have you ever heard of Stardew Valley? While there is no question that some people have never heard of this before, there are other people that are absolutely crazy about it. It’s a farming simulation game that gives you the opportunity to do some serious role playing. It’s also a game that gives you more control as far as the things that you choose to do or not do go. It’s a very unique game that makes you feel like you’re almost there, so it makes for a great opportunity to get away from reality for a while.

One of the more interesting characters in this role playing game is Abigail. This is a complex individual who has a lot of notable points to her personality. If you really want to know some of the more memorable things about her, continue reading below.

1. She lives with her parents

Abigail’s parents own the General Store and she lives with them in a small apartment located directly behind the store. She’s at that awkward age where she’s old enough to marry, yet she really hasn’t found anyone just yet. Therefore, she often finds herself feeling somewhat stuck between being a child that lives with her parents and being a young adult that really wants to strike out on her own.

2. She’s quirky

Some people might consider her personality rather interesting and others might consider it downright disturbing. It really depends on your personal perspective. To say the least, she’s got some definite quirky interests, many of which will be discussed herein.

3. Her mother worries

Most of the time, it’s not that uncommon for mothers to worry about their daughters. However, her mother probably worries a little bit more than most. A lot of it comes down to Abigail’s desire to be independent and become her own person. Some of it has to do with the choices that she makes and the interests she has. When it’s all said and done, her mother worries a lot about whether or not these are just passing interests or if her daughter is getting into something that’s better left alone.

4. They don’t always get along

As you might have guessed by now, Abigail and her mother don’t always get along with each other. This is rather commonplace for virtually any teenager, but Abigail’s strong desire to set herself apart from her parents and do things her own way leads to a lot of confrontations between her and her mother.

5. She’s interested in the occult

One of the reasons that her mother is always so concerned is because Abigail is interested in the occult. Obviously, this is enough to make virtually any parent stay awake at night. It’s hard to tell if this is a passing interest for Abigail or something more serious, but her mother wishes that she would leave these interests alone and focus on something that isn’t so dark.

6. She likes cemeteries

This one probably isn’t all that surprising. As someone who is interested in the occult, it seems to make sense that she would be interested in cemeteries. Her mother says that she can frequently be found hanging out in the cemetery alone at night, something that is spooky and a little disturbing in and of itself.

7. She also likes frogs

According to her mother, she frequently goes outside to chase frogs whenever it rains. This seems to be something of an obsession with her and it’s an aspect of her personality that her mother can’t quite figure out.

8. She’s single

In the game, Abigail is one of the characters that is available for marriage. Again, her mother worries that she won’t snap out of the behaviors that she currently displays early enough to find someone that will be good to her. This is all part of the role playing game and the way that you choose to play it often determines the outcome.

9. She likes sweets

Abigail can be a complicated individual. On one hand, she claims that she doesn’t really like sugar because it isn’t healthy, yet on the other hand, she says that two of her of her most favorite things in the whole world are chocolate cake and blackberry cobbler.

10. She’s not just a pretty face

It might seem out of place, but in addition to her rather strange interests, she’s also quite talented when it comes to doing things like mending fences, tending crops and taking care of animals.

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