A Tribute to Six Awesome Fat Guys in Video Games

Either I’m missing something or it was just really hard to do research.  One would think that there might be an abundance of overweight, plump characters in video games.  I was assuredly mistaken.  I guess the allure of the fat guy in movies doesn’t necessarily carry over into the video game genre.

Well personally I think it should.  After all, video games do need a sense of humor don’t you think?  I just think it’d be funny to have a fat dude possess superhuman skills.  Maybe we could get a comic book with an amazing big guy.  I’m sure there’s got to be plenty out there but I’m drawing a blank.

I’ve compiled 6 fat guys in here worth a mention.  Perhaps the lot of you could help make this a master list.


King Hippo – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Fat Video Game Character

He comes from places unknown.  His height and actual weight are unknown.  But if you find out his secret you can punch him in the belly where for some reason lies a bandaid.  He punches like an idiot and hops around the ring.  King Hippo is one of the more annoying opponents you’ll face in the game but by far one of the most fun to defeat.

E Honda – Street Fighter 2

Fat Video Game Character

He may be a big dude but this sumo wrestler has got the fastest hands on the planet.  Don’t get near him when he’s doing his thing.  That or when he decides to give you a flying headbutt.  Do you think he and Chun Lee ever got it on?  I do.

Yangus – Dragon Quest

Fat Video Game Character

Not sure what happened to the adult Yangus because the child one isn’t overweight at all.  This guy reminds me of some kind of drunken viking. My favorite quote of this guy?  “You wot? What I asked wot else yer could see, I didn’t mean ON the ball, I meant IN the ball.”  Kind of reminds me of a pirate.

NHL Hockey – Fat Guys

Fat Video Game Character

By far my favorite fat guys of all time.  The fat guy in NHL may not be the quickest player but if you are caught by one of them, say good night.  Plus they have a pretty mean slapshot.

Fat Carl Johnson – GTA: San Andreas

Fat Video Game Character

Fat CJ is a crack marksman, a master of stealth, an accomplished cyclist and can even bust a mean move on the dance floor.  Would this hold true in real life?  Absolutely not but Carl is about the closest thing to what I was talking about in the beginning of this article.  It’s nice to see a fat dude with those kinds of skills.

Fatman – Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Fat Video Game Character

Sons of Liberty’s self-proclaimed ‘emperor of explosives’ is not only a mastermind when it comes to building and blowing up bombs, he’s also an uncannily nimble rollerblader.  Plus the guy’s name is Fatman.  You don’t get much better than that.

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