Game of Thrones Characters as Pokemon Trainers


Is this really the first time we’ve had something where Game of Thrones is combined with Pokemon? Can’t be, but if so, this is sort of Unreality heaven, isn’t it?

Also, this is a rare occasion where I’m actually featuring two separate artists in one post, because both has the same conceptual idea. The first is Inkskin, the second, I’m not sure. Inkskin only has one “dragon trainer” piece, while the other artist, though perhaps not quite has good, has really maxed out the concept with a number of characters.

Check out the gallery for yourself below:
8 - NFZuo0O

7 - N22FOsc

6 - SRpVjYO

5 - IHChGn3

4 - upz6R2S

3 - nPgkVf1

2 - I4xNYQs

1 - d4Y3hUB

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