Ten of the Coolest Super Mario 64 Hacks


Think that people only hack the NES and SNES to mess with old Mario games? Think again. Here are 10 hacks that mess around with the 64-bit glory of Super Mario on the Nintendo 64.

1. Mario vs. 7 Chain Chomps


2. Attack of the Giant Princess

3. Bowser v Bowser

4. Mario Rides Yoshi

5. Play as Luigi

6. Completely New Level

7. Meet the Bowsers


8. Play as Paper Mario

9. Super Sonic 64

10. Awesome Bowser’s Castle Hack


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  1. Most of them are just modifying certain areas using numeric values to adjust size/width/depth.etc

    A real hack is like having the music be edited or a level be edited or even removed to make a new level.

    Super Mario 64 sounds like a true hack and I hope may more like it are on the way.

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