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It’s always fun to go back and see how video games have evolved over the past ten, fifteen or twenty years, and subsequently wonder what they’ll look like ten, fifteen or twenty years from now.

The gallery below (originally via EbaumsWorld I believe) , shows how different series have changed from their first installment to their latest. Or almost latest. I realize that Arkham City is not a continuation of the game above it, but it’s still the same “series” by my definition. We do however have Madden 1 vs. Madden 563 and other such actual series.

Check out the full gallery below. It’s always hard to imagine video games getting any more realistic than the wonders we see today, but it’s bound to happen.

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  1. Yea, I didn’t get it with Mario, one is an extreme closeup and the other is a prerendered piece of art. Also the adds on some of the pics were so intrusive, I couldn’t even read the name of the game.

    Unreality has gone downhill this past year. I’m not sure what’s happened. I come to this site less and less.

  2. It’s amazing how fake that CoD:BLOPS2 pic looks like. Nowhere in the game does it ever look that good, and it’s clearly photoshopped.

    Why doesn’t anybody call out Activision for that?

  3. Fuck your website and programmers that think its a good idea to program a pop up ad right in the middle of the pictures without a way to close the pop up, that’s a brilliant way to me make people want to click on your site. Idiots.

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