15 M. Bison Cosplay Pictures with Fun Captions

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting some emails about doing more captions for pictures.   I think it was a cry for help.  I admit that sometimes we put up galleries that are excellent but are accompanied by bouts of laziness.  It’s one thing to put up a great gallery of art that needs no caption.

However, if it’s a person or place you guys might not know, then we should definitely include some info.  So I sincerely apologize for that.  Other times captions are called for because well….they need captions.

I felt these 15 M.Bison cosplay pictures needed an extra hand…..

I really wish this was a Mortal Kombat event

This is by far the hottest M. Bison of all time.  Too bad it’s a singer who just looks like him.

Don’t mistake pain for constipation

It’s M. Bison with a little bit of the flash mixed in.  Those contacts rule.  Either that or the film kicks ass.

I know something you don’t know!

This is how we do in Brazil.  All psychotic like.

Tin Foil always scares ’em don’t you think?

Dying your bangs red and having a comic con badge is a nice touch.

Second hottest M. Bison cosplay ever.

If only you were looking from my angle buddy.

Yoshi knows what’s up.

Dorkiest human being on the planet.


And this is my mother.  L. Bison.


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  1. In the second-to-last picture, the other person is cosplaying as the Nostalgia Critic… who dressed up as M. Bison for the TGWTG movie “Kickassia”.

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