NES Circa 1986


1986 was a pretty phenomenal year for video games, and if you don’t believe me, check out the tribute art from Nuri Durr above. That’s right, Metroid, Kid Icarus and The Legend of Zelda all came out that year, and here they’ve been immortalized in Durr’s signature style.

Link has probably found the largest measure of success to date, but Samus Aran isn’t far behind. Kid Icarus is mostly known as a Smash Bros. character these days, but he’s come back to life in other ways as well. Didn’t Icarus die after the sun caught his wings on fire? Seems a bit strange to name your character after a doomed fable like that.

Anyways, I wanted to show them all at one time, so there’s nothing after the jump for once. But click anyway! Yay pageviews!

I lied, there is something here.

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  1. Well, Pit is the character’s actual name in Kid Icarus. He shoots Medusa IN THE EYE instead of dying horribly because he’s too dumb to know the sun is hot (talk about social Darwinism), so he’s redeemed the name a bit. Why even link him with Icarus in the first place? Because the 80’s? Cocaine? Wings? Idunno.

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