Outcast 2 is a Long-Awaited Sequel to a 1999 Classic

Outcast 2 is the sequel to the 1999 cult hit. Players will, once again, be in the shoes of Cutter Slade who is back from the dead due to the Yods. The once rich world of Adelpha has been picked clean of all its resources and its people, the Talans, have been reduced to being slaves. Being a very different world than it once was, Slade must free the world and restore it to its former glory. The team that made the original title came back together 20 years later to make this installment. Even with the advances in technology over the last two decades, the developers are making Outcast 2 reminiscent of the original in every way possible. There was a certain level of wit and charm with the first installment that won players over. This will, of course, remain intact with this sequel. Thus, the gameplay mechanics have been greatly improved since 1999.

This will be an open-world game where players can go anywhere they want unhindered. Cutter will be able to fly around the world in his jetpack like Iron Man and explore all the nooks and crannies therein. Not to mention that the combat has had a complete overhaul and is more suitable for next-generation consoles. From the looks of it, everything seems to run smoothly and fluidly. Cutter can zoom around areas in a breeze. Also, the combat will have many nuances in its mechanics, which wasn’t even possible back in 1999. Naturally, this installment was built from the ground up and it is looking like it be a worthy successor. Even if a gamer totally missed the original outing, this entry will bring everyone up to speed on what happened. Therefore, anyone can jump right in and enjoy this journey without feeling left behind.

Old Endings, New Beginnings

In a way, Outcast 2 will be an introduction to Cutter and friends for many gamers out there. The world of Adelpha is brimming with life and activity. There is an entire culture established in this IP in which players will be free to observe. It will be an interesting way to soak up the environmental narrative that’s intertwined in the overall story arc. As far as the map, everything is non-linear. Players can go about the campaign in any way they want. With that said, there will also be a number of hidden temples buried deep within the landscape. Players can explore them at their own leisure and find hidden treasures, new upgrades, and sundry challenges. This game will be a third-person adventure, almost echoing Tomb Raider and Uncharted that came before it with all the dungeon crawling involved.  Of course, in this case, there will be much more sci-fi flavoring to it.

Cutter will have access to various weapons like rifles, pistols, plasma shields, and melee moves. He will be able to engage in combat while in the air, as well. There will also be flexibility in how players can craft their weapons. There will be a cornucopia of modules to collect which enhances weaponry in various degrees. Hence, there will be a multitude of ways to smite the menacing robot forces that are enslaving the Talan people. Thusly, there are also magical abilities that Cutter can accumulate that will complement his arsenal. The battles in Outcast 2 appear to be fast and intense. Even though Cutter can block projectiles with his shield, movement will the key to success. Fighting in both the air and on the ground are possibilities to have wild skirmishes while playing the campaign. It is also worth pointing out that there are also some light RPG elements in this game to a certain degree.

Talan Tools

Every weapon comes with stats which, of course, can be manipulated through modules. The UI for upgrading Cutter is dense and riddled with possibilities. There will be a myriad of ways to mold Cutter to be a very specific adventurer to fit a player’s needs. There are robotic invaders to fight, sure. However, the world itself is wrought with danger, as well. Wildlife comes in many guises in Outcast 2. Some will be harmless while others will be quite defensive with their territory. Therefore, players will need to tread carefully throughout the world of Adelpha. It appears to be a tropical world like Pandora in Avatar. Rich will foliage, waterfalls, twisting trees, and chasms. Thus, it appears to be offering more diverse areas like deserts and snow-tipped mountains. Also, players will also be visiting villages to interact with the Talan people. Even freeing them from their oppressors.

The announcement of Outcast 2 came as a surprise for many gamers. After the ending of the first game, nobody really expected to see this IP spring to life ever again. Nonetheless, a new installment is indeed underway. All the original talent is returning to lend their services. This also includes the original composer, Lennie Moore. No doubt that this appears to be a fun, uplifting adventure. With an industry that is flooded with nihilistic and dystopian tales, this colorful journey appears to be a nice change of pace with things. The development appears to be pretty far ahead, yet nobody really knows when it will be released. There are trailers now available to hold gamers over for a little while longer. Fans have waited 20 years for a sequel and waiting for a little more shouldn’t be an issue. The developers want this installment to hit all the right marks and they are making sure of that.

Adelpha Adventure

Chances are it will be another year or two before Outcast 2 launches. There is potential for this sequel to become another cult classic, for sure. All the elements seem to be in place to offer quite the epic adventure. Right now, Outcast 2 is locked in to be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Clearly, there are no plans to have this game released on last-gen consoles. It is a possibility that a release date window could be announced later this year, or maybe early next year. If everything goes according to plan with development.

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