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Resident Evil

Resident Evil Outbreak won’t be a very familiar name for most people even if they play video games. Yes, it was a title in one of the most successful survival horror series ever created. However, it isn’t uncommon for even popular series to have one or two not so popular titles, with Resident Evil being no exception to this particular rule. Having said that, it is interesting to note that Resident Evil Outbreak could be connected to an upcoming announcement from Capcom, meaning that there has been something of a minor scramble on the part of interested individuals to learn more about it.

Why Do You Need to Know About Resident Evil Outbreak?

In short, Capcom has been on something of a successful streak in recent times. For example, it took a huge gamble by designing its most recent Monster Hunter title for the purpose of appealing to an international audience rather than its Japanese fan base, meaning that it was effectively sacrificing a few million more or less guaranteed sales in exchange for a shot at a higher sales figure plus a more solid foundation for the future. As it turned out, Monster Hunter World was a huge success, so much so that it seems to have embolded Capcom to take more risks when it comes to its releases. Likewise, Capcom released new titles for a couple of its most famous franchises in 2019. One was the remake of Resident Evil 2, which managed the careful balance of recapturing its original’s magic while still improving by incorporating elements from more recent titles. The other was Devil May Cry 5, which wasn’t just a long-awaited revival of the franchise as a whole but also a continuation of the series from the original Devil May Cry continuity rather than the rebooted continuity that met with a rather mixed response. Combined, it is no wonder that the successes of these two titles have convinced a lot of interested individuals that Capcom is looking into its past successes as a foundation for its future, particularly since it has also been very diligent when it comes to releasing its Mega Man titles in convenient collections for modern platforms.

In any case, the important part is this – Capcom has something called Project Resistance that will be revealed on September 9 of 2019. Based on the red color of the “RE” in the Project Resistance logo, it is pretty clear that it will be a title in the Resident Evil series even without that being mentioned. Currently, there hasn’t been much official information released about the upcoming title, but there has been a purported leak of marketing material. The screenshots aren’t what anyone would call very high-quality, but they are nonetheless enough to suggest that Project Resistance will be a four-player co-op game. Something that immediately calls Resident Evil Outbreak to mind for a lot of Resident Evil fans. Here are some of the things that you should know about Resident Evil Outbreak:

It Came Out in 2003

By video game standards, Resident Evil Outbreak is rather old. After all, it came out in 2003 for the PlayStation 2, meaning that it is a couple of console generations out of date. With that said, it is interesting to note that the roots of the title can be traced even further back, seeing as how the initial concept for Resident Evil Outbreak was mulled over even before the original version of Resident Evil 2 came out in 1998. However, the development of the game was put on hold for various reasons, which is why it wasn’t released until 2003.

Created Because of the Fascination with Online Gaming Over Consoles

The basic concept for Resident Evil Outbreak was born from a fascination with the concept of online gaming over consoles. Due to this, the people at Capcom experimented with a Resident Evil multi-player mini-game in which players would have to work with one another to survive as long as possible. Unsurprisingly, there were some clear issues that had to be worked out, with an excellent example being how its players would run away from the horde of enemies on their own rather than work together for the collective good. As a result, the mini-game was scrapped for the time being, particularly since the people at Capcom also decided that the scariest part of Resident Evil was the feeling of solitude that came from playing alone.

Scenario-Based Multi-player

When it came out, Resident Evil Outbreak featured a total of five scenarios that were set in the initial outbreak of the T-virus in Raccoon City. The scenarios are centered on a core cast, with the result that they can be pieced together to form a rough narrative of said characters surviving the initial outbreak, scrambling for answers, and then seeking to make it out of the infected city before they become collateral from its targeted destruction. For example, one of the scenarios was called Outbreak, which can be considered the first scenario in a chronological sense. In it, the players had to survive the attack on a bar by escaping to its rooftop, jumping over to the next building, exiting via its elevator shaft, driving off in an armored van, and then clearing the area of enemies by putting together a bomb. Likewise, another scenario was called The Hive, which provided players the joy of having to fight a Leech Man in Raccoon General Hospital before facing off against something even worse in the form of the Giant Leech in the sewers. On the whole, there was a fair amount of variety in the scenarios, which contributed further to the title’s replayability.

Mixed Reaction

On the whole, Resident Evil Outbreak met with something of a mixed response. It was praised for its look, its mechanics, and its innovative take on the Resident Evil series, but it was criticized for its lack of voice chat, which was replaced by a very limited communications system that was effectively a crude kind of sign language. Still, Resident Evil Outbreak was popular enough to receive a standalone expansion with five more scenarios. Furthermore, it has managed to build up a cult following of sorts, as shown by how its fans set up a fan server when the original was taken down in the late 2000s. In other words, if people want to, they are actually capable of experiencing Resident Evil Outbreak for themselves provided that they are willing to jump through the necessary hoops.

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