Yandy’s New Line of Video Game-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Last year, my girlfriend’s Halloween costumes were via Yandy.com, the premiere unique Halloween costume site on the internet. We took a few of their designs and tweaked them into video game and cartoon characters (Tails and Ninja Turtles), and now the site has decided to get into the gaming scene more directly.

They have a new line of costumes that look suspiciously like some recognizable gaming characters. Above we have “Yellow Mouse,” and below there’s “Green Dinosaur,” “Blue Furry” and “Red Bird.” See if you can make the connections yourself.

Take it from my gf (well, fiancee this year), these are soft as all hell, and the highest quality store-bought costumes you can find out there. They’ve given her a special costume this year, but you’ll be seeing that one closer to Halloween. Check out the others below or on the site here. Pictures link to the product page.


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