Diablokemon is Exactly as Weird as It Sounds


Crossovers happen to be some of my favorite things to feature on the site here, but I can’t say it ever crossed my mind to combine two of my favorites, Diablo and Pokemon.

This live action “Diablokemon” video above is an exercise in strangeness, but is actually pretty well done. It could have been made without the trainers entirely probably, and just featured a regular monk/wizard duel in the PvP mode which doesn’t yet exist, but I think this way is better.

Damn, you can do some cool stuff with AfterEffects these days, huh?

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  1. For years my grandparents have been involved in my life in some fashion, and so have Pokémon.
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    things have its origin, its birthplace, people and things alike, and I feel my grandparents are the origin, or
    foundation, of my success. From the rides to elementary school to the trips with my grandfather to the
    gym, Pokémon was always playing in my Game boy. The first 151 were my favorites and to this day take
    me back to all of the moments, talks, lectures, lessons, and all else that involved my grandparents’ old-
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    They often spoke messages of keeping my integrity intact by not lying, and speaking boastfully
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    The OG151 collection is thanks, from my filter to all the old-school, original values that helped
    build my foundation as not only an artist but as a human being seeking to transcend in this world. Values
    that I express through the artistry of one of my childhood pastimes that I’m sure more than a few of us
    can relate to, and definitely have a few flashbacks from.

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