A Bunch of Boos


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Usually it’s Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach or Bowser getting all the love in Mario fan art, but not today! It’s finally Boo’s time to shine as he’s been given multiple, multiple makeovers by artist Andrew Wilson.

Can you identify all the different Boo variants seen here? I think I’ve gotten to about half before losing my way. Some are obvious like Lebowski, Robocop, Game Boy, Ghostbusters and Adventure Time, but there are a few I’m definitely missing.like the top second right and bottom second right. And I guess the last one is supposed to be revealed later.

I’m not sure why he has me-sized eyebrows, however.


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  1. From the top going left…

    reg. boo, shy reg. boo, Rainbow covered boo (rainboo),bubblegum princess (booblegum princess), Robocop (roboocop), Walter white (breaking boo), ghost buster (boo buster), Cat bus (cat boos), kabuki (kabooki), Pooh (booh),Game boy (Game boo), Louise (booise) , The dude (the Bood), Buddha (boodha), Rambo (ramboo)

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