10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout is a new mobile game for the Alien franchise. It is interesting in that it combines strategy with horror elements. However, while it is very atmospheric, there are some reviews out there that state that its gameplay isn’t as good as it could have been. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Alien: Blackout:

1. Subject of Much Speculation

Alien: Blackout isn’t the sole project for the Alien franchise that is being worked upon at the moment. As a result, when the news of its trademark came out in November of 2018, it fueled a fair amount of speculation. In particular, there were people who thought that it might be the name of the Alien shooter that is coming at some point in the future.

2. Centered on Amanda Ripley

Like the survival horror game Alien: Isolation that came out in 2014, Alien: Blackout is centered on Amanda Ripley, who is Ellen Ripley’s daughter. Personality-wise, Amanda is interesting in that while she shares Ellen’s incredible determination, she starts out as being much colder.

3. Set Between Alien and Aliens

People who remember the Alien movies in perfect detail will realize that Alien: Blackout must be set between Alien and Aliens. After all, Amanda is mentioned in Aliens as having lived, gotten married, and died during the 57 years that Ellen was stuck in stasis on a shuttle. As a result, if she is the protagonist of Alien: Blackout, the mobile game must be set in that in-between period in which she apparently lived what one might call a very exciting life.

4. Once More a Sole Survivor

Once more, Alien: Blackout sees Amanda as the sole survivor on a space station that has had an alien set loose within it. However, Amanda has plenty of experience overcoming such threats, which is why she has managed to survive long enough for an investigation team to have been sent in to assess the situation.

5. Amanda Is a Guide

In Alien: Blackout, the player takes the role of Amanda, who has access to the space station’s systems. As such, they are responsible for guiding the investigation team while the alien is out and about. In this, the player is helped out by a couple of things. One, they can see through the space station’s sensors. Two, they can control various devices such as doors and motion sensors, though their limited power means that they won’t be able to power more than a small number of them at any given time.

6. Amanda Is Not Safe from Attack

Naturally, players can expect a lot of casualties on the investigation team. However, it is important to note that Amanda is not safe from attack. Yes, she is hidden in the vents. Unfortunately, the alien is perfectly capable of going into the vents should it gain access to them.

7. Draw Routes For the Investigation Team

The player is the one responsible for setting the investigation team’s routes to whatever it is that they are seeking in each particular level. This provides the player with more options, which is important when they are going to have to use a relatively limited system to look for the alien as well as foil it while it is on its way to attack the investigation team.

8. Seven Levels

In total, Alien: Blackout has seven levels. Each level has its own particular goal. Sometimes, the goal will be finding a keycard. Other times, the goal will be securing some kind of part that is needed for the investigation team’s shuttle. Whatever the case, the core gameplay will remain the same.

9. Atmospheric

Most of the reviews for Alien: Blackout state that it is very atmospheric, not least because there is a sufficient sense of tension to keep people on their metaphorical feet throughout the play experience. Something that should come as welcome news for horror game fans.

10. Might Be Too Luck-Based

Some reviews have stated that keeping track of the alien might be too difficult. As a result, they feel that Alien: Blackout is too reliant on luck rather than skill, which could frustrate players who don’t mind a challenge but don’t enjoy having that challenge come from factors that they can’t minimize using hard-won experience.

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