Debate of the Day: Who’s Your Mass Effect Girl (or Guy)?

I’m trying to wrap up Mass Effect 3 today if I find enough time, but I thought I’d open the floor up for one of the most (and yet, least) important aspects of the game, the romance. Much ado has been made about how you can be gay in the final game (well, a gay male for once), but whatever, that’s not the question. The only question is what kind of Shepard do you have, and who is his (or her) girl (or guy) of choice?

– Have you stuck with Liara, your loyal blue biotic companion this entire time?

– Does Ashley’s xenophobia get you going?

– Does Tali activate your omnitool?

– Could you not say no to Miranda’s genetically perfect behind?

– Did Jack’s tattoos do it for you?

– Is Kaiden’s soulful stare just that captivating?

– Does Cortez float your boat?

– Do Thane or Garrus warm your human heart?

– Do you go for anything that moves, including your space receptionist(s) and onboard war journalists?

Are there any more past that? I’m not sure, as I haven’t explored every option myself. I picked Liara in game one, then went for Miranda when Liara went AWOL hunting the Shadow Broker. But I dropped Miranda as soon as I discovered Tali was an option, and I’ve stayed true to her through ME3 with no regrets.

Anyway, let me know about your own ME3 romances. And then it’s uh, back to killing Reapers.

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  1. Liara all the way. Jack is interesting she punches you when you meet at a mission in ME3 and Shepard makes a Capt. Jack Sparrow face “I deserved that” lulz

  2. Liara, Tali and hopefully Tali again if I can find her. I’ve also bumped nasties with Miranda, Kaiden, Ashley and almost got there with Samara in ME2 before I got sidetracked.

  3. I’m in love with Miranda, doesn’t hurt she is voiced and modeled after the amazing Yvonne Strahovski.

    Screw Ashley, she is worthless in battle and she is too alien-phobic. I sacrificed her without a thought in ME1.

    Tali always threw me off due to the mask. Never went after Liara in the first two games, but I’m going after her in ME3.

    Love Jack as a team member, but freaks me out too much to pursue romantically.

  4. Also, I tried reallllllllllllllly hard with Kelly, but then she died.

    Wah Wah.

    If I play ME2 over again, I’ll have to go through the stupid relay quicker and make sure she isn’t turned to Goo before I can properly consummate the relationship. Feeding my fish didn’t quite satisfy me.

  5. Liara and then Garrus and Kelly and then Liara. I’ve also done Ashley and Miranda with my renegade alt and Kaiden and Thane with my paragon alt. Haven’t played through 3 with them yet.

  6. Liara in 1, did not reach romances in 2, Liara in 3. Faithfully avoided encounters with the personal assistent and the reporter so far. Fixing Edi up with Joker. Ashley seems less of a xenophobe this time, but I’m still hesitant. Just met Tali, and haven’t recruited her yet. Lack of a common atmosphere definitely an issue for me with her.

  7. Liara in 1, then Tali in 2 and 3. I just finished my first run theough ME3 and the Tali scenes were undoubtedly a highlight. I can’t say for sure about the other options, but for Tali at least ME3 was the closest Bioware has come to making a genuine feeling romance in game. Looking forward to romancing up Liara in my Paragon run.

  8. Liara in ME1, Jack in ME2 (She died in the final mission, I was pretty pissed about that because she was a kickass squad member), and it will most likely be Liara in ME3. When I go back and replay as a Renegade, I will probably choose Ashley for ME1 (even though she’s a racist bitch), Miranda in ME2, and not sure about ME3.

  9. Will someone explain how everyone isn’t as obsessed with Miranda as I am? Is she only bang-able and not datable? Too stuckup? I am baffled here.

  10. Why does everyone assume Ashley is racist? Like Garrus and Presley, you can change their views. And Ashley is, I think, the only squad member in ME3 with disruptor ammo (moot point if you’re playing as a soldier).

    I wanted the new British gal (but she’s into girls) 🙁

    I wanted Kelly, but Bioware said no 🙁

    I’m sticking to my racist Ash then 🙂

  11. My issue with Ash isn’t so much the racism as it is the fact she spends half of ME3 giving you the stinkeye for joining Cerberus in ME2. Tali FTW.

  12. @Velovan
    Damn right on the infiltrator, my class of choice.

    Also, Kaiden has been complaining the whole time about Cerberus as well, so I think no matter who you choose, both Ashley and Kaiden are going to be annoying as heck.

  13. Tali is my favorite character, but since my primary Shep is femme (and apparently Tali doesn’t go bi in this one in spite of a bit of a tease in ME2) I’ve loved me some Liara. My character was (technically) faithful to her all through ME2 in spite of her highly annoying aloofness, but she is pretty adorable. So here we are in ME3 saving the universe and 20 hours in, all Shep’s gotten is a goddamn kiss on the cheek. So we invite the new mega-hot British girl upstairs, one thing leads to another, showers are taken….and (in George Takei voice) oooooh myyyyy! So yeah, Liara seemed miffed, and looks like I may be permanently friend-zoned, but I regret little. Damn it, blue alien woman, Reapers are invading and we could all die any minute; how long would it have taken to give the most accomplished world-saver in the galaxy a little Shadow Broker sugar? Oh well, I was thinking about Tali the whole time anyway….

    Male playthrough with Tali romance should be awesome (she’s actually the only crew member that survived the last game…my male Shep is kind of irresponsible), but Ashley is looking pretty damn fine. Must…. Stay…. Faithful.

  14. I’m going with Tali, too.
    But due to the lack of options it was Liara in Pt1, due to me having a FemShep it was noone (except Kelly (who died)) in Pt2 and I’m quite curious if I can finally get my Tali in Pt3. But please no spoilers^^

  15. I was immediately taken in by Jack when I started seeing stuff for ME2. The short hair and tattoos were absolutely sexy, but it was how the relationship progressed that I liked the most. I was a paragon, so instead of just using her and losing her I got to know her and helped her open up. I really like the whole healing through tenderness thing with Jack.

  16. On my Evil Dude playthrough I banged no one in the first game, Jack in the second game, and I’m trying to go after Jack again in the third.

    On my Good Girl playthrough it’s Garrus all the way in every game.

  17. Liara in game 1

    Was going for Jack in 2 since I heard she swung that way too, but one bad conversation ruined it for me.

    Looks like liara in game 3 again, since um not sure which other females want to scissor yet.

  18. I liked tali but didn’t feel any link to her character, but i think miranda is…. woah.

    I have to say though that in mass effect 2, i felt a huge link to Kelly, and in ME3 i felt very close to Liara

  19. Has to be Jack
    Gig eyes
    Big lips
    She’s damaged goods
    Kinda gets me off.
    A couple of points which are extremely sad but in ME2 i got Miranda running around in the shiny black catsuit (like you do)as a precursor to our sex scene
    only to find out that she reverts back to the default white number…gutted!
    Also in ME3 at the last moments before the final scenes i went for the reaper armour
    i then had Ashley, my love interest, tongue lashing my visor in our farewell scene…devastated lol.

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