Andy Richter’s Skyrim Voice Reel


Skyrim is so popular these days, that even mainstream late night hosts can’t ignore it. That’s why on a recent episode of Conan, he devoted a segment to the game when it was revealed that Andy Richter actually did voices for the game. Well, not just voices, ALL the voices.

I’m not sure why, but it really makes me happy to see a game like this work its way onto a mainstream comedy show. That doesn’t happen nearly enough.

Also, if there was a mod to make this actually happen for every character, I would probably sink another fifty hours into the game trying to hear every line.

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  1. so we cant watch if we are in canada, and probably other countries.

    YouTube has finally given in. this shit shouldnt be allowed but youtube let it all happen.

    cant even find the video on youtube at the moment.


  2. Another Canadian, wtf is wrong with this bullshit…I just want to see it one more time with the sound…F U american and canadian corporate pig dogs.

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