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More Fun with Podcasting: Ugo Strange Edition


As I continue my march into the 21st century, I’ve now appeared on my second podcast ever. This time, it’s another reader, one you’ll recognize if you hang around the comment section on the site. It’s Ugo Strange, and he was kind enough to have me on his program, The Strange Show, a few weeks back.

It’s essentially a 40 minute interview with me where we talk, movies, TV, comics, video games and all the usual crap we have on the site here. You can see Ugo in the video above, and he really wanted to use this one picture from Twitter where I’m doing the People’s Eyebrow (here’s a non-stretched version).

I had a good time, and if you like the site, definitely check it out as we talk about how it started, my philosophy on reviews and lots more fun stuff.

Oh and the thing he was mad at me about was that I said that Southland Tales was bad. But I didn’t say that, Madison did way back when, so there. I actually kind of liked it.

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