Five Shows I Gave Up On Early

Hi, my name is Paul and I’m a TV addict.

Or at least I used to be. Back when I had more time on my hands before I started writing 10,000 words a day, I used to eat seasons of TV shows like they were candy. I’d find a new show I’d heard was good, get my hands on the series, and watch them all, usually in the span of a few days or weeks, with the longer ones taking months.

More often than not, I finished, and thus added another file in my entertainment knowledge database. But sometimes, I just couldn’t, despite my best efforts. These five shows in particular are ones that I’ve been told I must see, but I just gave up on them as they didn’t catch my interest initially, or it seemed like too exhausting of a task to get through which I’d rather not do if I wasn’t enjoying myself in the process.

Check out my failures below, and prepare to yell at me.

1. The X-Files

Why I wanted to watch: One of the most beloved sci-fi shows of all time with a huge fanbase.

How long I lasted: 5 episodes

Why I quit: Fundamentally, I just hate procedurals, and at it’s core, that’s what The X-Files was. The central theme of the first few episodes was that weird shit happened, Mulder says it’s something paranormal, Scully disagrees, Mulder is right.

Some of these events tie together, some don’t, but it really just seemed like CSI: Alien Monster Edition rather than an intriguing mystery that spanned from episode to episode.

And frankly, I just didn’t buy the acting. Maybe it was early in the show, but some of the scenes in these opening episodes are just painful, especially on Duchovny’s end.

Likelihood of giving it another shot: 50% – I do believe this is a good show at some point, but my initial impression of it is going to be a big hill to climb.

2. Modern Family

Why I Wanted to Watch: Audience hit, critically acclaimed, whiffs of Arrested Development-style dysfunctional family comedy.

How long I lasted: 12 episodes.

Why I quit: When I get really, really bored on occasion I might go back and watch an episode or two of this, but it’s like munching on a stale Snickers bar when you really just want dinner.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why I don’t like this show. I think most of the characters are pretty one dimensional, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in a comedy, as you could really say the same thing about Arrested Development.

But unlike AD, this show has the need to have a heart, and though these people are “wacky” they all love each other in the end, and almost every episode wraps up with some cheeseball conclusion about loving each other no matter what or something like that.

Likelihood of giving it another shot: 30% – It’s tough to just burn through seasons of comedies, as even good ones will get less funny after 7 episodes in a row. At my current pace, I’ll have season one done by 2013.

3. Six Feet Under

Why I wanted to watch: Most HBO shows are worthwhile, was curious to see Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall in a different role.

How long I lasted: 33 minutes.

Why I quit: I’ve just never been so disinterested in a show so quickly. I know it’s massively unfair to not give it a chance at all, which watching half of the first episode doesn’t do, but there was just no hook for me, no reason to think that it would be worthwhile.

And also, frankly, HBO shows are exhausting to catch up on. They’re a full 60 minutes long, and there’s about 40-60 episodes to catch up on for most series. And after I’d done the same for The Sopranos, Oz and Deadwood, I just didn’t think I could handle it again, especially when the subject matter, a family owning a funeral home, is far less interesting than mobsters, convicts or cowboys.

Likelihood of giving it another shot: 5% – I just don’t think I have it in me unless people start telling me this is the greatest show ever and I must watch it.

4. How I Met Your Mother

Why I wanted to watch: NPH is awesome, and everyone always raves about this show.

How long I lasted: 8-9 episodes

Why I quit: I quickly discovered that this was a one man show. Despite other comedic actors I recognized, namely Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan, it was clear that this was Barney Stimson’s show, and everyone else was just getting in the way.

Almost every line he says is pure gold, but he’s so good, the rest of the comedy on the show just falls flat. And it doesn’t help the show is in a sitcom format that ruled the nineties, but here with its sets and laugh tracks just seems horribly dated.

And it may have started as a novel concept, but the framing idea about the guy telling his kids the world’s longest story about how he met their mother gets old quick, and I’m told that it never ends even after four seasons or so.

Likelihood of giving it another shot: 10% – Maybe I’ll catch a rerun or two, but I’ll never sit down and watch them all. Friends or Seinfeld this is not.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Why I started watching: I love everything Joss Whedon’s done that I’ve seen, but I’ve never experienced the Buffy universe which has legions of die-hard fans.

How long I lasted: 3-4 episodes.

Why I quit: I think this is the most disappointed I’ve been when trying a new series. Not with just the show, because it HAS to be good if it’s Whedon and it’s got such a devoted fanbase, but I just can’t make myself push through my discomfort to watch it.

I’m not sure what it is. Maybe I’m just so sick of vampires at this point, I can’t bring myself to go back in time and watch a long running show about them. Maybe I can’t get past how dated this show really looks in 2010, despite the fact it’s well made.

I want to like it, I do, but I didn’t find myself addicted, and nothing was particularly compelling me to stay other than the promise of a million other people that IT’S THE BEST SHOW EVER.

Likelihood of giving it another shot: 80% – I really do want to, but I just have to buckle down and plow through until I start liking it for real.

Other shows I haven’t managed to finish:

Fringe (1 season) – For all the same reasons as X-Files

Veronica Mars (5 episodes) – Very well written with a great lead in Kristin Bell, but again, not a procedural person which this usually is.

Chuck (3 episodes) – Mostly started watching for Adam Baldwin because I miss Firefly. Concept of guy with every CIA secret in his brain is too ridiculous to get past.

Weeds (3 seasons) – Was novel at first, but started getting too crazy for its own good.

Glee (6 episodes) – This show would be a lot better if it was half as long, but when there’s no singing, it drags.

Californication (1 season) – Just straight up forgot about it until now.

Smallville (6 seasons) – No show has ever needed to end more than this one, and when the cast started leaving, so did I.

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  1. Buffy Season 1 does seem extremely dated today, but if you can make it through the short season 1 (which is still very good), you’re rewarded with Season 2…possibly my favorite season of television in history.

    Evil Angel > everything, ever

  2. The Wire was one of the shows I gave up quickly. I heard great things about it, but I couldn’t get past all of the swearing in the show and I felt kind of dirty watching it.

    It was like the writers were trying to compete to see who can get the most swear words in an episode.

  3. Buffy- I tried to get into Buffy for exactly the same reasons. I actually got 2 1/2 seasons into it before I finally gave up trying to care. There were just more problems with it than I could forgive.

    Fringe – It gets better once they get into the parallel universe storyline. MUCH, MUCH better. There are a couple of frustrating episodes after they introduce it where they kind of get away from it, but once they start to really focus on the big story it gets absolutely fantastic. Oh, and it turns out what seems like bad acting at first is actually really good acting. It isn’t Anna Torv who’s wooden, it’s the character. It actually makes sense as they fill in more of her backstory. The subtlety of the differences between her two versions of Olivia is fascinating.

    6 Feet Under – Not really much point in trying to get into this one again if you didn’t like it the 1st time around. That’s a show I really liked at first, but found myself like less and less the longer I watched. The original premise got pushed aside and forgotten pretty early on as it started turning into a soap opera.

    X-Files – I think this show is best left as a fond memory. I just have a bad feeling that won’t have aged well. That could have something to do with those movies.

  4. As far as Buffy goes, just skip season 1. It’s pretty weak as they were just figuring everything out. Things really pick up in season 2 (at episode 3, precisely). Nothing from season 1 has a lasting importance, just a few callback jokes.

  5. No argument here – I pretty much agree with everything you said. I too tried my best to get into Buffy Season 1, and couldn’t do it. Maybe I’ll just skip ahead. How I Met Your Mother was great that first season – the Robin Sparkles episode alone made it worthwhile – but yeah… it got old quickly.

  6. Despite the lack of a “hook” like Deadwood, Sopranos, and Oz, Six Feet Under is a really well done show. I caught it in reruns on HBO, and the writing and acting are fantastic. In fact, the entire series is worth watching just for the finale, which is easily one of the best finales in TV history.

    I’d suggest giving Californication another chance too. Duchovny excels at playing Hank Moody as a sleazy but easily likeable character.

  7. “But unlike AD, this show has the need to have a heart, and though these people are “wacky” they all love each other in the end, and almost every episode wraps up with some cheeseball conclusion about loving each other no matter what or something like that.”

    That is absolutely the worst argument I’ve ever heard for not liking a show. It’s like saying you were into the Godfather until you realized that Michael Corleone is only doing these things because he loves his family.

  8. I’m currently watching the X-Files on Netflix, just broke the half mark of season 3. I loved the show back when it started in ’93-’94, which is strange considering that I was only 9 or 10. After seeing the first season in it’s entirety, I’d have to agree that it’s pretty week when compared to the others. The acting was not great, and it looked like the show didn’t have much of a budget. Season 2 is pretty solid. Acting is much improved, and it would appear that due to it’s growing popularity (at the time) more money was put into it. Of course, there still are some episodes that tend to just drag ass, and are just plain hard to sit through. There are those who like the show when it goes for more of a monster movie of the week style, and there are those like me who just want them to continue to unravel this major conspiracy about the existence of aliens. I would highly recommend giving it another chance.

    As for the other shows in your main list, I haven’t seen any of them. However, I have heard good things. Chances of me sitting down to watch any of them is pretty slim. I might give Six Feet Under a chance, though, since I tend to like most of what HBO rolls out. The same can be said for Showtime.

    For the others that you’ve failed to finish, I’m a bit half and half. Californication and Weeds are two of my favorite shows, in fact, just yesterday I bought the first 5 seasons of Weeds on Blu-ray for $50, great deal if you ask me! If I had gone to Best Buy or any other store I would have spent over $125 easily. I also bought the first 3 seasons of Mad Men on Blu-ray for $12 a pop, never saw it but heard great things about it. Fringe, I think I made it through 2 or 3 episodes, I couldn’t get into it at all. I heard so many praise it, saying it was just like X-Files, which is why I was somewhat interested. Whether it is or isn’t I just didn’t see it.

    I still need to finish watching Deadwood!!!

  9. With Californication and Weeds, you stopped at just the right moment, in my opinion. After Agrestic burned, Weeds became unwatchable.

    Californication had a great first season that wrapped the narrative up nicely. It would have been great as a one-and-done. I haven’t watched since the first few episodes of Season 2 bored me.

    Also, @Josh, giving up on the wire for cursing is like admonishing Michelangelo’s David for the nudity. Without pervasive “naughty language”, it wouldn’t be depicting how real people talk in real situations. Do you think cops busting up a drug house say “Alrighty fellows, let’s nab this nogoodnik and his cohorts before they run roughshod o’er our fair Baltimore.”

    If coarse language offends you, then I think you should probably give up on just about every single medium of entertainment available.

  10. I agree with Lawdog. You should really continue into season 2 of Fringe. The story gets a LOT better once the parallel universe is introduced, and John Noble’s performance of Walter gets better and better with every episode. Season 3 is amazing so far.

  11. I think you discovered some of these shows way too late as for Buffy and The X-Files if I got it right…
    Some shows don’t age well.
    The experience is not the same depending from your age and when you discovered and watched these shows.
    Buffy was truly a must-see at the time it was released.
    As for How I Met Your Mother, I’m not fond of the laugh track either but they’re some really hilarious episodes and good ideas in this show. Barney himself makes the show worth it…
    Shows I like right now and that I’m not ready to give up are: The Walking Dead, Dexter, V, Fringe and How I Met Your Mother

  12. Alright, here’s one for all of you since I didn’t see it mentioned:

    Better Off Ted

    A friend just recommended it to me, I watched two episodes and I was hooked. It’s short (2 season), but easily one of the best I’ve seen.

    Fringe – Yeah, it got much better once they got off that “purgatory” of season 2.

    Jericho – Watch one episode, and you will know if it’s for you.

  13. I completely agree with Matt about The Wire. Also as Lawdog pointed out Fringe does get a lot better in the end of the 2nd season, and at the beginning to the middle of the second season, i forget when, they move away from the procedural aspect of the show. It’s a really good show.

  14. I tried giving Six Feet Under another chance after True Blood coming out but found it just painful.

    I also tried How I Met Your Mother and agree, it’s all about NPH and the rest of them get in his way (I will disagree about comparing it to Friends….Friends was god awful…it ranks down there with 2 1/2 Men)

  15. I agreed with you on all the shows that I’ve seen. Except one. Six Feet Under is probably the best written tv show of all time. I say that simply because of the characters, by the end of the show I felt as though I actually knew these people. Never gotten a tear in my eye from a tv show before…..and I doubt I will ever again.

  16. @Josh & Cainraw

    Come on guys we try to be a tid bit more mature on this site. I gave up on Dexter because it was too violent for me, liked the narrative but the violence was just too real for my tastes. And this is coming from someone who loves zombie movies and cheesy gorefests. So too much language is understandable imo.

  17. Thank you Diego. I tried to hold back, but his comment was too far. People that troll around on the internet just to insult are childish.

    Saying I should go to church is insulting to an atheist!

  18. I saw an episode of Buffy that I liked once. It was about these creepy, gray-skinned demon-guys that levitate around and slice people up for their organs (or something). They also alter the universe somehow to eliminate human vocalization, so you can’t even scream while they’re chopping you up! That one creeped me out. Not very interesting otherwise.

  19. Ahem,
    I come to this site quite often, so I know the humor here on here is more than mature for most people. So, when I say to piss off back to your church because you can’t handle a show because of “swearing” or like diego “realistic violence”, than there are other sites that cater to your wuss needs. So that’s why I don’t care for people clogging up the comments section with comments basically declaring that they can’t handle the subject matter. Grow a pair, then come back and apologize for being a tiny child. Or a picture of yourself as a lumberjack would also work.

  20. Language is just language. They are only words. In my personal opinion, there is not one single thing that is either immoral or offensive about swearing. It’s realism. If you can’t handle the swearing, then there is nothing wrong with suggesting that you seek other mediums for your entertainment. Though Cain may have done so in a rather impolite manner (coupled with an ill-informed attempt to bash religion), he is not in the wrong here.

    Like others have noted, If you would really choose to forgo something so profound, simply because you “couldn’t get past (which is a proclamation I’m not sure I completely understand)” the harsh language, then I hate to see what else you may have/are destined to miss out on.

    Oh, and hold all your arguments about network media censorship, because they are irrelevant to me :]

  21. Well I completely understand about Six Feet Under. It’s a really hard show to watch however I strongly urge you to check out it’s ending here.

    It is literally the best ending of any TV show ever. And I am serious. I hated most of the characters, despised quite a few others and generally watched the entire show mostly because I really needed to kill time but I cried like a baby at this final so I can assure you this is not coming from a hardcore fan or anything. It’s just that good of an ending

  22. @Alex

    I can second the power of that ending. I’ve never even seen the show and that clip brought tears to my eyes. That was literally enough for me to check out the entire show now.

  23. To all the Fringe enthousiasts.. Still a bit on the fence about Fringe..

    When it started I loved it but it quickly got to be a bore. I LOVE the “long storyline” that unfolds in the episodes but the “episode storylines” rub me the wrong way.

    Seems like Walter has an (easy) answer to everything… someone dies : put him in the machine and you can “talk” to him. Some sort of strange DNA-mash of a beast, Walter isn’t surprised and has an answer in a day or so. It gets a little bit ridiculous to be honoust..

    Does THAT get better? If it does, I’ll give it another go 🙂

  24. A few thoughts:

    – Six Feet Under: This show is hard to get in to, that’s true. However, the characters really do grow on you, and while I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest show ever, it’s early/late seasons are simply phenomenal, and those who say it’s one of the greatest TV series endings of all time are right (but only if you’ve enjoyed the show. It’s a personal matter).

    – Chuck: Personally, this show did it for me right off the bat. The “geek out of his element” approach was really enjoyable, and while it slowed down in it’s second season, it’s managed to find its swing again and keeps you interested from week to week, which is great to find in a show.

    – Fringe: Agree with the comments so far, it’s 1st season was disjointed, but it really found its rhythm later on.

    Also Paul, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but if not, check out the show “Sherlock”. It aired on PBS about a month ago, and though it was only 3 episodes, they’re simply fantastic. The actors who play Holmes and Watson have great chemistry together, and Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Holmes, really brings the character into light in a way that Downey started to in the movie, but that movie was a little too caught up in the humor, and not the enigmatic tendencies of Holmes.
    Also, with 3 more episodes to air next year, the show seems like it has the potential to become a series someday (also, great chemistry between Holmes and his archenemy, but I don’t want to give anything away there). But even if only 6 episodes get aired, they’re simply fantastic, and I can’t recommend it enough.

  25. Californication is great, was just using it to kill time the first half of season 1 on netflex. finished season 1 and felt like i needed to watch season 2 and 3, i was not dissapointed. the end of season 3 is a stunner.

  26. Currently addicted to Chuck its by far the most entertaining program I have ever seen from week to week and never fails to keep my super excited and its pretty much what I get out of bed for on Tuesdays.

    Castle, Burn notice and Stargate universe are all excellent shows that I watch every week and rarely let me down.

    The event is good but I am struggling to hang on to it…might just be me…seen 6 episodes now but I have been letting the last few build up on me.

    I just cant get into dexter on fringe at the moment even though they are amazing and I have every episode sitting at home I haven’t made it past the first 3 or 4 episodes of either show.

    I’m also horribly stuck in between x-file seasons. I watched the first two seasons with my dad on dvd for some bonding time as he had seen it all on its original tv run. I like the monster of the week and alien conspiracy ones cause I just love that kind of thing but I’m waiting for Christmas for the other 7 seasons on dvd.

    The sad part is I know I am setting myself up for disappointment because Ill get sucked in by 7 more seasons of conspiracy’s but I know that after 9 seasons and 2 films there is no closure or decent ending or resolution to anything 🙁

    Anyone else ever feel that way?

  27. Lost – lasted the first 3 episodes. Nothing in the show interested me beyond the initial hype. Probably won’t ever watch

    Mad Men – the first half of the first season. It’s an ok show, but I’d just finished the Wire, and was deep into my resulting TV apathy at the time (I’m yet to be convinced any show will deliver anything on par with the Wire). I’m coming out of the stupor, but it’s taking time. I’ll definately watch it full at somepoint.

    The only show I’m watching is Walking Dead. I enjoy it, but I’m not particularly blown away

  28. @ john v.
    Robin Sparkles was in season 2.
    As for the others shows mentioned, buffy is amazing, once you get past season 1. Plus it opens the door for you to watch angel which is actually better than buffy IMO.
    Fringe has gotten really good, even weirder, but better. Interestingly enough it got better once akiva goldsman, who is known as a hack screenwriter, started working on it. It really found its groove and I suggest you start watching again.

  29. 1. I just got Netflix so I started watching the X-Files. I’m nearly done with season 1 and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I decided to bear with Duchovney’s bad acting because I think it will improve. Most shows have growing pains in the first season so I’d recommend giving it another chance at some point.

    2. Never watched Modern Family. Have no desire to.

    3. Six Feet Under is absolutely brilliant. The writing is fantastic and all of the actos are wonderful. I need to buy this on DVD so I can give it another watch.

    4. I love How I Met Your Mother. I love the characters and I actually think it has the right amount of Stinson. Any more and he’d become a. Played by a lesser actor than NPH and he’d be totally unbearable.

    5. You absolutely have to give Buffy another chance. You can basically skip over season 1 and go right into season 2 if you want. Season 2 is brillant (I just finished re-watching it myself). Starts off kind of slow but you have to make it until “Surprise”/”Innocence”. That is the turning point and you should be hooked with the events of those two episodes.

  30. I too, was barely able to stand Buffy. 2nd and 3rd season were pretty damn good (with the occasional off episode), but 4th season was awful and then I quit about five episodes into the 5th season. But, I started watching Angel parallel to it. And it is a freakin’ fantastic show. Now, I’m all for female leads when they’re well written and don’t feel like the writer’s plaything. Buffy felt just like that. “I’m only sad or angry when the writers want me to be and I don’t act in a convincing manner what-so-ever.” Angel takes all that b.s. out the window and does a dark and brooding hero before Christopher Nolan ever thought about making Batman. And that’s the hook that got me. When I realized that while Buffy (outside of those two seasons) was a burning failure for me, Whedon had tapped right into something that amazed me and compelled me to watch. He had created a show about “Vampire Batman”. And it was awesome. It still haven’t finished the show and I’ve been warned that it gets batshit crazy towards the end, but as someone who defends Battlestar Galactica’s final season, I think I’ll be OK. As long as it doesn’t descend into The Plan territory, I’ll be fine.

  31. @soilsongs
    Angel does get pretty batshit crazy, but in a good way. My favorite episode in the whole series is 5.14. And season 5 as a whole is my second favorite behind season 3.

  32. @DH
    Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Season one of angel sorta just plods along. It similar to buffy has a weak first season where their just starting to find their footing, but really takes off in season 2.

  33. I found that a good rule of thumb is 3 episodes. If after 3 episodes, the show doesn’t impress me or make me think there is potential and I should continue, I drop it and leave it alone unless somebody convinces me otherwise.

    Some notes:

    Procedurals: I’m with you on this. I don’t like pure procedurals, I’ve always preferred long form storytelling in my television. But I don’t mind a show with procedural elements, but the main focus has to be the characters and the long story they’re telling. I mean Dexter, the Wire, and Buffy all have procedural elements, yet they’re still all pretty amazing. I’d probably like Fringe as well, haven’t watched it yet though.

    Sitcoms: Like you said, these are much harder to keep watching because they’re often stand alone episodes. Also after 6 episodes of the same sitcom in a row, they’re not all that funny. Good to watch one or two a day…but more than that it usually loses it’s welcome.

    The biggest mishap is really
    Buffy: The first season is mediocre. Definitely. To get through the first season quick style: watch the two part pilot (episode 1 & 2), Angel (episode 7), nightmares (episode 10) and the finale (episode 12). That’s five episodes, than start season 2. You won’t miss anything that way. Give season 2 to episode 4, and if you’re not hooked. Then drop it.

    Things really hit its stride season 2, episode 3….before that things are mostly hit & miss. Not to say that the show is perfect from that point on, there’s a lot of debate on how good/bad seasons 4-7 are. But generally it’s all pretty damn good and the show’s strength is it’s characters and the growth of these characters. Also once you finish season 3 you can watch Angel, which I really love more than Buffy anyway.

    I’ve given up on a ton of shows, but that’s because I have low tolerance for crap, especially when there’s so much good stuff. Don’t know if anything can beat The Wire and The Sopranos for me though. I honestly think that’s the pinnacle of television.

  34. I agree wholeheartedly about procedurals (and your other abandonments). I was into the Shield for a hot minute but that’s it. The older I get the less time I want to devote to long series however I am married to Battlestar Galactica right now and am fifty hours into that mofo on Netflix.

  35. I got into buffy because of pretty much the same reasons and honestly you should give it a chance from the sseason 1 finale or, MUCH better s02e03 that’s when the show became more than a monster of the week show with bad guy sending it in.

    I really gotta agree on the whole MF deal, but to me it’s the fact that i cannot laugh at it.


    dude. it’s a valid reason as much as everything else when he says when he crticizes the execution (Cheesebal didn’t sound like anything to you) and really the show it’s not funny (neither it’s glee and if you ask me, this year’s comedy it’s community it both play with it’s characters and it’s relentlessly funny)

  36. Die hard Buffy/Angel fan here, just want to chime in my 2 cents.

    Buffy S1 sucks and is not of the same quality of the rest of the show.

    I personally began with Season 5-7 then went back and rewatched it as a whole.

    Quick opinion – 3, 5, 7 are best seasons, 2, 4, 6 are hit and miss. Persevere.

    Now ANGEL – as you have the opportunity, I would recommend watching Buffy/Angel in the proper viewing order.

    Again, the TONE of Angel S1 is not how Angel eventually turns out – it changes completely by mid-S1.

    Anyway, that’s my 2cents – stick with Buffy/Angel past their first season(s).

    [Also for anyone wanting an excuse to re-watch : re-watch both shows with the thought of Wesley purely in your mind and watch him evolve. Fascinating.]

  37. Six feet under: I don’t know how many people you need to tell you that Six feet under is the best show ever for giving it another chance, but here goes one. I’ve seen many series and it’s still the best for me, once you go thru the 1,5 first seasons (that are really boring), you won’t be able to take bed without an episode.

    Pd: i saw Six feet under before starting Dexter, and for me is impossible to see him as stright again, every time i think he is flirting with the his black friend\enemy, and it’s really weird…

  38. Hey, list maker, you are just making me laugh! Six Feet Under is the GREATEST television series on Earth, and you watched just 33 minutes and your re-watching possiblity %5! Some people seriously doesn’t know anything about quality television.

  39. Completely agree with all of them. I will say that Buffy deserves another shot. I was forced to watch it and became addicted, though my friends started me on a later season once the show was more developed. I now own all 7 seasons.

  40. I think that if you’re a Whedon fan, you should definitely watch Buffy past season 1 because it’s the first season and they didn’t really know what they were doing yet… I just gets so much better later, it’s definitely worth it.

    As for what I stopped watching:
    – Lost, after they killed off all of my favourite characters and Jack was still alive.
    – Prison Break, because it should have ended with the first season. The second one was ok, but the third one was just taking it too far.
    – Dexter, although I don’t know why.
    – House, just because it got too friggin dark and complicated and such.

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