Michonne Barbie is Best Barbie


No, sadly Barbie hasn’t ditched their target audience and released an awesome new Walking Dead-themed variant of their famed plastic girl. Rather, this is a custom modified doll by pro custom doll modifier Pee Wee Parker. She makes the realistic looking dolls Mattel doesn’t have time to, and sometimes her results are just fantastic, like Michonne above.

I think she needs either 30% more scowl to be old Michonne, or 30% more smile to be new Michonne. Right now she just looks rather serene, and whatever she’s doing on the show, she’s never serene.

Where are the two armless, jawless Kens following her? Errrr what did they call Black Ken. Ben? Nope, Brad, according to Ken’s Wikipedia page. I can’t believe I just looked that up.

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