10 Kool-Aid Commercials Proving Drug Use is Involved

Kool Aid

For those of you unaware, Kool-Aid has been around since 1927.  Yes, 1927.   However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that Kool-Aid hit the big screen and landed in households everywhere with its completely weird commercials.

Look, anyone knows that a talking pitcher of fruit juice is weird.  However, I just don’t buy that it’s that simple.  You can’t possibly come up with some of these concepts without having some sort of hallucinogenic substance in your system.

Here are 10 Kool-Aid commercials that had to be made with the assistance of drugs

70’s Kool Aid – Smiiiille

50s Kool Aid – A lot of Pleasure

Kool Aid Disco


Bugs Bunny and the Monkees are in on It

Mama Costanza Kool Aid?

Bank Robbers 1978 Commercial

Multiplying Kool Aids

What the hell is this?

The Kool Aid Games

Hockey Interruption


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  1. Does anyone know of a kool aid commercial made 1995-2005 in Australia. It featured children washing dogs. My Border Terrier was in it and I never got to see the finnished product.

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