Toy Car….Literally

As far as I can tell this is a Saab that doesn’t really look all that bent up.   So now I’m left with a couple of other alternatives.  The first one is that this is some kind of prank.  If that were the case I would like this a lot more and appreciate it.  To gather up this many toys and stickers and blast it all over a car for the owner to come back and be pissed?

That would be classic.  The other alternative is some dolt who decided to do this for his/her own amusement.  I mean I guess I’m kind of glad a car with the most toys attached to it ever exists but whatever.

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  1. The art car culture is found all over the world, and regularly holds meetings, car shows, parades, etc. Most narrow-interest groups appear quirky to outsiders who are just discovering them, even though they have existed for many years. Art car folks are not necessarily any more dolt-ish than the narrow-interest culture of folks who write snarky blog posts. To each his own. It takes all kinds… etc.

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