Steampunk Leather Cosplay is As Awesome as it Sounds

Just when you think you might have run out of Cosplay ideas, someone on Deviant Art comes along and brings something completely new to the table.   Most of these pictures come from Skin N Hydez’s account so we’ll give him the credit here.

But have you ever really heard of steampunking people?  Up until this point I’ve really only seen gadgets, vehicles or basically inanimate objects get steampunked.  I haven’t really seen too many costumes like this.

I mean I’m sure they’ve been around but probably not all in one place.   Well today, I grouped them all together after the jump…

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  1. Not seen the steampunk people? I just don’t believe that… I live in ARKANSAS and we have a steampunk society and a steampunk-themed coffee shop. I assumed this was EVERYWHERE. These pictures are amazing though, and I do love it.

  2. @Jeff, it’s about the same cost as getting into Renaissance era cosplay. I’m from Michigan and we have a healthy batch of both. Though, I’m a bit of a purist and really hate when they intermix.
    This summer I went to the World Steam Expo they hold every year in Dearborn, almost everybody, of all ages, is dressed in costume. That’s a major event too, people’s costumes are really excellent. Here’s a link to the flickr pool for that weekend’s events:

  3. I have mostly seen them at conventions but there was a local newspaper article about a couple near me who are steam punk. I also met a girl at a grad party in a corset who made steam punk jewelry but for the most part there are not many of them in Pennsylvania. The only thing about steam punk is that it is a very expensive lifestyle if you are not already a metal worker or tanner.

  4. Expensive? Maybe elsewhere, but here we have a ton of people who can sew, weld, and do amazing things with scraps just lying around.

    I guess it’s just this area, lots of antiques, scrap metal and hoarders. When I was making my ray-gun, I just went to the nearest ditch, found a busted tv and got the vacuum tube from it.

    Maybe it’s a southern thing, but I, and most people I know, know how to tan a hide and weld, and I don’t even live in the country. I look at these costumes and think of how easy they are to make… but we’re just used to making things ourselves here. I dont know.

    Also, from the looks of some of these, I bet that’s not real leather, it’s the stuff they make cosplay costumes out of and just paint it like leather, especially the 1st picture.

  5. Also if you look closely a number of these pictures clearly have purchased elements. Note the breastplate and arm from the title splash and the second picture on the second page are identical.

    Also the left leg and arm armor from the 3rd and 4th pictures on page 2 are identical. Either these people are sharing or someone is manufacturing their gear.

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