Making Stuff Canadian, Eh?

Sometimes we do things for no apparent reason other than to be entertained.   Today I’ve found something that equates to that very concept.  For no reason whatsoever a bunch of people decided to gather up and make things “Canadian.”

By use of photoshop you’ll see some wonderful pictures turned Northern in ways that should make you smile.

Enjoy the gallery

So simple, yet so good.  Thanks to Something Awful for these photos.

More Canadian Stuff below

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  1. As a Canadian myself, there’s nothing here I would call offensive. Mostly because they play on very thin stereotypes and have no effect on Canadian psychi.

  2. If you wanted a “Canadianized” bowling picture, you could have simply used a picture of someone bowling 5-pin, which is the Canadian variant of Bowling.

  3. I’m from Nova Scotia and have never heard of 5-pin bowling. A google search has informed me it’s not played in my province. Further research has led me to realize what I know as bowling is, in fact, not actually bowling, but Candlepin Bowling. The things you learn, eh?

  4. I don’t think I get the whole “Sorey” thing. Is that a thing we do? I’ve never seen sorry spelled like that by someone with basic literacy before. We do however love adding ‘u’ to words. Sorry, wourds.

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