A Gallery of Differently Scary Types of Aliens

We’ve always been fascinated by the unknown.  I mean what the hell is actually out there?  Are there really aliens?  I happen to think yes to but to know what these potential creatures look like is only left to our imagination.  And what an imagination some of us do have.

From the lovable, big eyed, sweet aliens to the monstrous, saliva gathering terrors aliens have been portrayed in a myriad of ways for thousands of years.  It seems in recent years though, that a more scary “off humanistic” look has been dominating the media.

I came across these pictures the other day and I must say most of them freaked me out.  Check out this gallery of differently scary types of aliens…

Doesn’t that look like some kind of a butt or something? Could you imagine running into this thing in the woods?  He kind of looks like Meathead from Meatballs 2 doesn’t he?

More Scary Aliens

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  1. I think the human imagination likes to go wild with what Aliens could look like.

    But I think the fact is they would need to be a lot like us to be the dominate race, how can they build cities and spacecraft when they have claws with giant sharp nails as finger tips?

    Simple things like the ability to blink as a reflex to stop objects getting into your eye and also the sun.

    Most of these Aliens appear to be naked also… why are Aliens always naked? must be the cool thing out in space.

    But it’s hard to believe that we’re the only things floating in space, when we’re just a spec of dust in a giant galaxy.

    Kinda puts God into perspective for me too, why the hell does he care about a tiny dot, why would he care about someone on their knees at the end of their bed?

    Also another thing, to everyone Aliens are these high tech master minds that can create ships that move at the speed of light and can blast us away with plasma rifles, but what if… they were just on their own version of Earth, gathering sticks for their hut by the lake while looking up wondering, we can’t be the only things out there.

    This planet and space just gives me the creeps in general.

  2. Since i have the mind of a hipster, here comes a anti-conventionalist rant.
    Why. The. Eff. Is everyone involved in making scifi so goddamned uncreative? Science fiction, if any genre, should be inspiring and mind-bending. Yet, almost all aliens are either humanoid, octopus-oid or geometrical shapes. All alien planets are habituated by no more than one culture, and covered with only one kind of environment. Those environments and cultures are without exception nothing but exaggerations of environments and cultures found on earth.
    And why. The. Eff. Does everyone think the people coming up with this ARE creative? The wildlife of Avatar was just big blue earth animals with a few extra tentacles, yet the movie is hailed as visually innovative. Sheesh.

    People should go play ‘The Neverhood Chronicles’ before being allowed to form opinions.
    Thank you for the attention, have a nice day.

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