Empire Strikes Back Lego Chess Set Looks Neat

It will never end.  It’s something I can safely say I enjoy in life.  It’s nice to know that when your back is up against the wall and you can’t think of something to write about that there’s some crazy fan out there making a Lego Chess Set based on Empire Strikes Back.

You just gotta love the Star Wars fanatics out there.   How and why they take the time to do what they do is beyond me but we here at Unreality are sure appreciative of the efforts.

It’s amazing that people find the time for this…..

Thanks to this Flickr User for the photos

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  1. This IS really cool. Mostly because they’ve decided to use some interesting and classic scenes rather than just characters – like Luke on Dagobah and Chewie carrying the backpack of C3P0 pieces.

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