15 Geeky Things We Don’t Need but Really Want Anyway

If you look around your house and do a serious inventory audit how much stuff do you think you could get rid of?  My gut says that if you live in a 3 bedroom home at least 100 items.   And I’m not even counting televisions or stereos here.  I’m just talking about crap that you’ve collected over the years that doesn’t do a thing but sit in your home.

OK but how about stuff you don’t need but that is awesome anyway?  I’d be willing to bet that number is closer to 3-5 items.   If you’ve got the extra cash you might want to consider buying one of these items.

Check out 15 geeky things you don’t need but want anyway after the jump…..

That’s one hell of a keyboard.

More crap you don’t need below!

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