The 15 Creepiest Joker Drawings We Could Find

In the myriad of awesome comic characters that have puzzled and entertained us throughout history, The Joker remains and will always be one of the best.  And perhaps no better portrayal was given of this maniacal person than Heath Ledger’s in The Dark Knight.   Clearly it’s going to be tough to ever resurrect The Joker on the silver screen ever again but I’m curious to see what happens.

In the meantime, fans and artists continue to portray this character in what appears to be an infinite amount of ways.  I particularly like the more gothic and freaky representations myself.

So I’ve decided to find what I think are the 15 most creepy joker drawings….

We’d like to thank the contributors on Deviant Art for these – if you need photo credit please email us and we’re happy to link out to you.   These submissions were mailed in.

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