A Valentine’s Day Star Wars Wedding Special

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to put up a post about something romance-related that also fit with our general themes of video games, movies, and television.  And what better way to celebrate nerddom and romance than by enjoying some pics from Star Wars themed weddings? 

I can’t believe the women agree to go along with this insanity.  My initial instinct is to make fun of all the dorks in these pictures, but then I remind myself that at least some of them are getting married and will be engaging in intercourse with members of the opposite sex, something I haven’t done in four years. 

Enjoy the Star Wars wedding pics:


I’m guessing the stormtrooper groomsmen weren’t the starting five for their high school basketball team.  Maybe physics club, though.


One stormtrooper on the left is sneaking a peak at the bride.  He’s never been this close to a human breast before.


Moments after this photo, Anakin arrived and slaughtered the youngling.


What the hell is Spider-Man doing there?


I actually like this one…it’s not the cliched Jedis and stormtoopers, but instead Padme, The Emperor, Admiral Akbar, and a chesty older woman who I think I once saw on a milf website.


The Yoda carved out of ice is a very nice touch.


Nothing says romance like two grown men holding plastic toys above your head on your wedding day.


A very impressive Jabba the Hut costum by the bride.  Oh, wait…

I hope you enjoyed this gallery.  If you’re going to comment that I’m a mean person who shouldn’t be picking on people making themselves happy, save your energy.  It makes me feel better about my upcoming Halo-themed wedding to my online girlfriend.  I wonder what she looks like.

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  1. I keep threatening my boyfriend with Star Wars or Star Trek themed weddings. Not that we have any plans to get married, but I do love seeing these geek weddings. The Akbar mask in the first pic is a bit much, but I do like that the priest/officiator seems to be dressed like Slave Leia. Much better than having Elvis do it!

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