Unreality’s Costume Contest Winners (and Runners Up)

Alright, so it’s been about two weeks since I announced our latest contest via JustCostumes.com. I asked you to send me the best costume pictures you could find, be they your own or those you scavenged from the internet. The only rules were they had to be good, and they had to be ones I hadn’t featured on the site. You need an eagle to know everything we’ve ever posted here, so if you don’t see your super sweet submission in here, know that it’s because we have in fact had it on here somewhere before.

As for the winners? There could only be two, but I wish I could pick five or six. I’m crowning the above submission winner #1 for being awesome and more surprisingly, being one I haven’t actually seen before. The second one? That’s below with all the runners up, and you’ll have to check it our for yourself. We got a ton of responses, so I couldn’t feature them all, but I tried to pull out a few of my favorites.

Congrats to Patricia Rivera (for the above) and William Thyer (for below). Mr. Thyer says he will buy a Ghostbusters costume with his $100 and wear it to school and take pictures, so I am holding him to that. If either of these people are you, email me (paul@unrealitymag.com) with your address and costume pick so we can get your prize out to you.

As for the rest of you, thanks a lot for entering, and I’m sure we’ll do another giveaway shortly.


Runners up:

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