Our Favorite Wolfgirl Photoshops

In case you guys haven’t seen or heard about the hairiest girl in the world, well then we’re here to report that a little 11-year-old named Supatra Sasuphan is proud of her title.   She doesn’t mind getting made fun of despite people calling her “monkey face” and “wolf girl.”

We don’t take much pleasure in making fun of others but in this particular case, seeing the photoshops out there that have been created, I could not resist sharing them with our audience.

With that said, check out some of the best wolfgirl photoshops 

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  1. Pffft, he even goes to the trouble of pre-apologizing to you people and you still make a fucking stupid comment. Why even bother, Nat? Most of us are perfectly comfortable with the concept of humor.

  2. To the people who photoshopped these supposedly humorous images: Why don’t you go stick your own face in a blender, right in the centre of the blades. Or set your face on fire by pouring petrol over it, and lighting it. Then when you are horrifically scarred…be sure to take a lot of pictures of your face and have people photoshop them. Be sure to upload them to the internet and send them to other bloggers to laugh at.

    Do this: just for interest’s sake”…because you could not resist sharing them.”

    I find it a shame that this poor kid is being cyber bullied by people like you…even though you didn’t make these images yourself…the fucktards who made them have no soul, no conscience. You forget she is a little girl FFS and posting them here and linking it to her name is cruel and promoting the sick bullying like this. Yes: bullying, and harassment.

    You forget: This is an innocent little child, she was born this way. She doesnt choose this: she cant stop it. She has a condition that causes hair to grow on her face the same as hair grows on her head. Try to imagine how she feels poor kid, and its a testament to her courage that she rises above this and gets on with a normal life.

    Don’t think for a second that one day she wont see these images, and I sincerely hope that you are a perfect being with a perfect life, and are magically blessed with unearthly beauty…cause the people who made these images, and who promote them ‘for a laugh’ or diplay them in a manner to be humorous…shows what an UGLY and EVIL person you are underneath.

    Get a life, and do something worthwhile with your time. Make a difference, instead of poking fun at people who are less fortunate than you.

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