A Collection of Passive Aggressive Office Notes

So yeah, we like to post tons of stuff about video games and movies and all that here on Unreality.  However, we also know that most of you out there are sitting in your office cubes staring at this screen right now.

Just be well aware that someone in said office might be pulling a prank on your right now.   So rather you sit around and wait to be the butt of a joke, you might as well be proactive about it and nail someone else.

With that in mind, these office notes should give you some great ideas…..

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  1. Haha, those are great. Though, some of these notes are definitely not passive aggressive; though I guess leaving a note instead of a face-to-face confrontation is passive aggressive in itself.

  2. I manage a staff of around 50 people and was having a problem with people stealing food out of the refrigerators as well. I called a staff meeting took a ham and cheese sandwich and stuffed it down my pants and juggled it around in my pants for bit in front of everyone. I took it out of my pants and informed everyone I was going to put the sandwhich back in the refrigotartor and repeat this process with a diffferent type of food everyday. I never actually put the sandwich back in nor repeated the process, but the stealing quickly stopped. HR shit themselves when they found out what I did, I still contend it was a very effective management method as we have not had any stealing now for over two years.

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